Mariella De Biasi, Ph.D.

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Professor of Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry
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Contact information
CRB Building: 217B
415 Curie Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283
Office: 215 898-9579
B.S. (Medicinal Chemistry)
University of Padua, Italy, 1987.
Ph.D. (Pharmacology and Toxicology)
University of Padua, Italy, 1993.
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Description of Research Expertise

neuropharmacology; drug addiction; electrophysiology; behavioral testing; preclinical genetic models

Selected Publications

Blackwell J.E., Rao W., De Biasi, M., Geffen M.N.: The role of feedback from the auditory cortex in shaping responses to sounds in inferior colliculus. eLife Sciences 9, January 2020 Notes: DOI: 10.7554/eLife.51890 (deposited in BioRχiv March 21, 2019).

Papke R.L., Brunzell D.H., De Biasi, M.: Cholinergic receptors and addiction. Behavioral pharmacology of the cholinergic system. Springer Science, 2020.

Kartha S., Shaw J., Luo L., Tsourkas A., Cheng Z, De Biasi M., Winkelstein B. : Phospholipase A2 Responsive Micelles Attenuate Neuropathic Pain without Abuse Liability. Biomedical Engineering (BMES) Society Annual Meeting, San Diego, California 2020.

Wittenberg R.E., Wolfman S.L., De Biasi M., Dani J.A. : Nicotine and Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors: A Brief Introduction Neuropharmacology Special Issue on Contemporary Advances in nicotine 2020.

De Biasi M.: Neuropharmacology: Special Issue on Contemporary Advances in Nicotine Neuropharmacology. Neuropharmacology. Elsevier, 2020 Notes: Volume Co-editor.

Patten T., Dreier A., Halberstadter K., De Biasi M.: A longitudinal study of the effect of a fruit-flavorant on nicotine preference and consumption in mice. Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA 2020.

Patten T. and De Biasi M.: History repeats itself: Role of characterizing flavors on nicotine use and abuse. Neuropharmacology. Special Issue on Contemporary Advances in nicotine Damaj MI. De Biasi M, Papke R (eds.). Elsevier Oxford UK, 2020.

Webb K., Dani J.A., De Biasi M.: Mesolimbic Dopamine and Habenulo-Interpeduncular Pathways in Nicotine Withdrawal. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine: Addiction. PJ Kenny and RC Pierce (eds.). Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Page: 237-250, 2020.

Quijano Cardé, N., Perez, E., Kranzler, H., De Biasi, M.: Investigating the Efficacy of GluK1-containing Kainate Receptor Inhibition to Treat Alcohol Addiction. Annual Meeting of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, in Philadelphia, PA 2019.

Patten T. M., Dreier A., Halberstadter K., De Biasi M.: The effect of a fruit-flavorant on nicotine consumption and preference throughout adolescence and young adulthood. American College of Neuropsychopharmacology Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL 2019.

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