Ahmara Gibbons Ross, MD, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Ophthalmology
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Scheie Eye Institute
51 N. 39th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-8715
Fax: 215-243-8825
Bryn Mawr College, 2003.
PhD (Molecular Pharmacology/Structural Biology)
Thomas Jefferson University, 2011.
Jefferson Medical College, 2011.
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Selected Publications

Verma SS, Gudiseva HV, Chavali VRM, Salowe RJ, Bradford Y, Guare L, Lucas A, Collins DW, Vrathasha V, Nair RM, Rathi S, Zhao B, He J, Lee R, Zenebe-Gete S, Bowman AS, McHugh CP, Zody MC, Pistilli M, Khachatryan N, Daniel E, Murphy W, Henderer J; Regeneron Genetics Center; Kinzy TG, Iyengar SK, Peachey NS; VA Million Veteran Program; Taylor KD, Guo X, Chen YI, Zangwill L, Girkin C, Ayyagari R, Liebmann J, Chuka-Okosa CM, Williams SE, Akafo S, Budenz DL, Olawoye OO, Ramsay M, Ashaye A, Akpa OM, Aung T, Wiggs JL, Ross AG, Cui QN, Addis V, Lehman A, Miller-Ellis E, Sankar PS, Williams SM, Ying GS, Cooke Bailey J, Rotter JI, Weinreb R, Khor CC, Hauser MA, Ritchie MD, O'Brien JM.: A multi-cohort genome-wide association study in African ancestry individuals reveals risk loci for primary open-angle glaucoma. Cell 187: 464-480, Jan 2024.

Meng M, Chaqour B, O'Neill N, Dine K, Sarabu N, Ying GS, Shindler KS, Ross AG: Comparison of Brn3a and RBPMS Labeling to Assess Retinal Ganglion Cell Loss During Aging and in a Model of Optic Neuropathy. Invest Ophthalmology and Vision Science 65(1), 2024.

Ross AG, Higginbotham EJ: Adopting More Precise Metrics to Move Everyone Closer to Eye Health. JAMA Ophthalmology 2024.

Chaqour B, Duong TT, Yue J, Liu T, Camacho D, Dine KE, Esteve-Rudd J, Ellis S, Bennett J, Shindler KS, Ross AG.: AAV2 vector optimization for retinal ganglion cell-targeted delivery of therapeutic genes. Gene Ther 2024.

Soucy JR, Aguzzi EA, Cho J, Gilhooley MJ, Keuthan C, Luo Z, Monavarfeshani A, Saleem MA, Wang XW, Wohlschlegel J; RReSTORe Consortium; Baranov P, Di Polo A, Fortune B, Gokoffski KK, Goldberg JL, Guido W, Kolodkin AL, Mason CA, Ou Y, Reh TA, Ross AG, Samuels BC, Welsbie D, Zack DJ, Johnson TV.: Retinal ganglion cell repopulation for vision restoration in optic neuropathy: a roadmap from the RReSTORe Consortium. Mol Neurodegener 18: 64, Sep 2023.

Camacho DK, Go CC, Chaqour B, Shindler KS, Ross AG.: Emerging Gene Therapy Technologies for Retinal Ganglion Cell Neuroprotection. J Neuroophthalmol 43: 330-340, Sep 2023.

Johnson TV, Baranov P, Di Polo A, Fortune B, Gokoffski KK, Goldberg JL, Guido W, Kolodkin AL, Mason CA, Ou Y, Reh TA, Ross AG, Samuels BC, Zack DJ.: The Retinal Ganglion Cell Repopulation, Stem Cell Transplantation, and Optic Nerve Regeneration Consortium. Ophthalmol Sci 3: 100390, Aug 2023.

Yue J, Khan RS, Duong TT, Dine KE, Cui QN, O'Neill N, Aravand P, Liu T, Chaqour B, Shindler KS, Ross AG: Cell-Specific Expression of Human SIRT1 by Gene Therapy Reduces Retinal Ganglion Cell Loss Induced by Elevated Intraocular Pressure. Neuro therapeutics March 2023.

Lin SC, Giang A, Liu GT, Avery RA, Shindler KS, Hamedani AG, Ross AG, Tamhankar MA: Frequency and Etiologies of Visual Disturbance After Cataract Surgery Identified in Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinics. J Neuroophthalmol Jan 2023.

Bhutani DL, Ross AG, Lehman AY, Shindler KS: Resolution of COVID-19 induced anosmia following treatment with ST266. Otolaryngol Case Rep Nov 2022.

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