Kevin Bolding

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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Department: Neuroscience
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B.S. (Genetics and Biochemistry)
Texas A$M University, 2002.
M.A. (Behavioral Neuroscience)
University of Colorado - Boulder, 2006.
Ph.D. (Neural and Behavioral Science)
SUNY - Downstate Medical Center, 2013.
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Selected Publications

D.P. Leman, I.A. Chen, K.A. Bolding, J. Tai, L.K. Wilmerding, H.J. Gritton, Y. Cohen, W.W. Yen, L.N. Perkins, W.A. Liberti III, K. Kilic, X. Han, A. Cruz-Martín, T.J. Gardner, T.M. Otchy, I.G. Davison: Large-scale cellular-resolution imaging of neural activity in freely behaving mice. bioRxiv 2021.

Bolding KA, Nagappan S, Han BX, Wang F, Franks KM.: Recurrent circuitry is required to stabilize piriform cortex odor representations across brain states. Elife 9: e53125, Jul 2020.

Platt MP, Bolding KA, Wayne CR, Chaudhry S, Cutforth T, Franks KM, Agalliu D.: Th17 lymphocytes drive vascular and neuronal deficits in a mouse model of postinfectious autoimmune encephalitis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 117: 6708-6716, Mar 2020.

Bolding KA, Ferbinteanu J, Fox SE, Muller RU.: Place cell firing cannot support navigation without intact septal circuits. Hippocampus 2020.

Bolding KA, Franks KM.: Recurrent cortical circuits implement concentration-invariant odor coding. Science 361: eaat6904, Sep 2018.

Stern M, Bolding KA, Abbott LF, Franks KM.: A transformation from temporal to ensemble coding in a model of piriform cortex. Elife 7: e34831, Mar 2018.

Bolding KA, Franks KM.: Complementary codes for odor identity and intensity in olfactory cortex. Elife 6: e22630, Apr 2017.

Ferguson AR, Bolding KA, Huie JR, Hook MA, Santillano DR, Miranda RC, Grau JW.: Group I metabotropic glutamate receptors control metaplasticity of spinal cord learning through a protein kinase C-dependent mechanism. J Neurosci 28: 11939-49, Nov 2008.

Bolding K, Biedenkapp J.: What can immediate-early gene expression tell us about spatial memory retrieval? J Neurosci 26: 1659-60, Feb 2006.

Rudy JW, Biedenkapp JC, Moineau J, Bolding K.: Anisomycin and the reconsolidation hypothesis. Learn Mem 2006.

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