Eva-Maria Schötz Collins, PhD

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Adjunct Associate Professor of Neuroscience
Member, Center for Excellence in Environmental Toxicology
Department: Neuroscience

Contact information
Department of Biology
Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, PA 19081
Office: 610-690-5380
BS (Mathematics and Physics)
University of Konstanz, Germany, 2001.
Diploma (Physics)
University of Konstanz, Germany, 2004.
PhD (Biophysics)
Technical University, Dresden, Germany, 2007.
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Selected Publications

Wang R, Steele RE, Collins ES.: Wnt signaling determines body axis polarity in regenerating Hydra tissue fragments. Dev Biol 467: 88-94, Nov 2020.

Ireland D, Bochenek V, Chaiken D, Rabeler C, Onoe S, Soni A, Collins ES.: Dugesia japonica is the best suited of three planarian species for high-throughput toxicology screening. Chemosphere 253: 126718, Aug 2020.

Sabry Z, Rabeler C, Ireland D, Bayingana K, Collins ES.: Planarian Scrunching as a Quantitative Behavioral Readout for Noxious Stimuli Sensing. J Vis Exp (161, Jul 2020.

Wang R, Collins ES.: A novel bilateral grafting technique for studying patterning in Hydra. Dev Biol 462: 60-65, Jun 2020.

Sabry Z, Ho A, Ireland D, Rabeler C, Cochet-Escartin O, Collins ES.: Pharmacological or genetic targeting of Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels can disrupt the planarian escape response. PLoS One 14: e0226104, Dec 2019.

Goel T, Wang R, Martin S, Lanphear E, Collins ES.: Linalool acts as a fast and reversible anesthetic in Hydra. PLoS One 14: e0224221, Oct 2019.

Wang R, Goel T, Khazoyan K, Sabry Z, Quan HJ, Diamond PH, Collins ES.: Mouth Function Determines the Shape Oscillation Pattern in Regenerating Hydra Tissue Spheres. Biophys J 117: 1145-1155, Sep 2019.

Zhang S, Ireland D, Sipes NS, Behl M, Collins ES.: Screening for neurotoxic potential of 15 flame retardants using freshwater planarians. Neurotoxicol Teratol 73: 54-66, May-Jun 2019.

Zhang S, Hagstrom D, Hayes P, Graham A, Collins ES.: Multi-Behavioral Endpoint Testing of an 87-Chemical Compound Library in Freshwater Planarians. Toxicol Sci 167: 26-44, Jan 2019.

Hagstrom D, Truong L, Zhang S, Tanguay R, Collins ES.: Comparative Analysis of Zebrafish and Planarian Model Systems for Developmental Neurotoxicity Screens Using an 87-Compound Library. Toxicol Sci 167: 15-25, Jan 2019.

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