Michael C. Soulen

faculty photo
Professor of Radiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Attending Staff, Interventional Radiology Section, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Active Staff, Department of Radiology, Presbyterian Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Radiology

Contact information
Dept. of Radiology
3400 Spruce Street
Silverstein Pavilion / 4283
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 615-3591
Fax: (215) 349-5465
B.S. (Biology)
Yale University, 1979.
M.D. (Medicine)
University of Pennsylvania, 1984.
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Description of Research Expertise

image-guided cancer therapy; interventional oncology; embolization; tumor ablation; stents; ultrasound-mediated drug delivery;

Description of Itmat Expertise

Image-guided therapies for solid tumors; clinical trials in embolotherapy and ablation of liver cancer, colon cancer, neuroendocrine tumors, kidney cancer; animal models of liver cancer; ultrasound-mediated non-invasive local drug delivery using micro bubble contrast agents

Selected Publications

Anderson GS, Brinkmann F, Alavi A, Soulen MC, Zhuang H.: FDG-PET In the surveillance of hepatic tumors treated with radiofrequency ablation. Clin Nuc Med 28: 192-197, 2003.

Clark TWI, Scott M, Stavropoulos SW, Lau CT, Solomon JA, Soulen MC.: Dacron-covered stents In transjugular Intrahepatic portosystemic shunts. JVIR 14(2 pt 2): S34, 2003.

Itkin M, Clark TWI, Solomon JA, Stavropoulos SW, Soulen MC, Trerotola SO.: Transjugular Intrahepatic portosystemic shunt and portal vein flow measuremetns using a thermodilution catheter. JVIR 14(2 pt 2): S102, 2003.

Kothary NN, Stavropoulos SW, Clark TWI, Wein AJ, Shlansky-Goldberg RD, Soulen MC.: Renal angiomyolipoma: long-term results after arterial embolization. JVIR 14(2 pt 2): S24, 2003.

Soulen MC.: Percutaneous management of biliary obstruction, Chapter 8. Gastroenterology: The Requisites. Kochman M, Ginsberg G (eds.). London: Elsevier, 4, 2003 Notes: In press.

Soulen MC, Kernagis LY.: Combined regional and ablative therapy of hepatic malignancies. Tumor Ablation: Principles and Practice. vanSonnenberg E, McMullen W (eds.). New York: Springer-Verlag, 2003 Notes: in press.

Stavropoulos SW, Clark TW, Jacobs D, Soulen M, Shlansky-Goldberg R, Solomon J, Baum RA.: Placement of the Trapease vena cava filter using an antecubital approach. Academic Radiology 9(4): 478-481, 2002.

Yamamoto AJ, Solomon JA, Soulen MC, Tang JC, Parkinson KJ, Lin R, Shears GJ.: Sutureless securement device reduces complications of peripherally inserted central venous catheters. JVIR 13: 77-81, 2002.

Roberts DA, Rosen MA, Clark TWI, Mondschein J, Soulen MC, Siegelman E, Leigh Jr JS.: Chemical-shift MR Imaging of Acetic Acid during Percutaneous Chemical Ablation Therapy: Preliminary Work. J Vasc Interv Radiol 13: 1055-1059, 2002.

Soulen MC, Clark TW, Tuite CM, Kernagis LY, Hoffman V.: Safety and toxicity of oily hepatic embolization with embosphere mocrospheres versus polyvinyl alcohol In swine. JVIR 12(2 pt 2): S1, 2002.

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