David B. Sarwer

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Adjunct Professor of Psychology in Surgery
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Center for Weight and Eating Disorders
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
3535 Market Street, Suite 3026
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-898-7314
Fax: 215-898-2878
B.A. (Psychology)
Tulane University , 1990.
M.A. (Clinical Psychology)
Loyola University Chicago , 1992.
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)
Loyola University, Chicago, 1995.
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Description of Itmat Expertise

etiology and treatment of obesity, including lifestyle modification, pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery. Psychosocial issues related to surgery

Selected Publications

Sarwer DB., Brown GK., Evans DL.: Cosmetic breast augmentation and suicide. [Review] [47 refs] American Journal of Psychiatry 164(7): 1006-13, Jul 2007.

Allison KC., Wadden TA., Sarwer DB., Fabricatore AN., Crerand CE., Gibbons LM., Stack RM., Stunkard AJ., Williams NN.: Night eating syndrome and binge eating disorder among persons seeking bariatric surgery: prevalence and related features. Obesity 14 Suppl 2: 77S-82S, Mar 2006.

Wadden TA., Butryn ML., Sarwer DB., Fabricatore AN., Crerand CE., Lipschutz PE., Faulconbridge L., Raper SE., Williams NN.: Comparison of psychosocial status in treatment-seeking women with class III vs. class I-II obesity. Obesity 14 Suppl 2: 90S-98S, Mar 2006.

Gibbons LM., Sarwer DB., Crerand CE., Fabricatore AN., Kuehnel RH., Lipschutz PE., Raper SE., Williams NN., Wadden TA.: Previous weight loss experiences of bariatric surgery candidates: how much have patients dieted prior to surgery? Surgery for Obesity & Related Diseases 2(2): 159-64, Mar-Apr 2006.

Wadden TA., Sarwer DB.: Behavioral assessment of candidates for bariatric surgery: a patient-oriented approach. Surgery for Obesity & Related Diseases 2(2): 171-9, Mar-Apr 2006.

Sarwer DB., Allison KC., Gibbons LM., Markowitz JT., Nelson DB.: Pregnancy and obesity: a review and agenda for future research. [Review] [160 refs] Journal of Women's Health 15(6): 720-33, Jul-Aug 2006.

Crerand CE., Franklin ME., Sarwer DB.: Body dysmorphic disorder and cosmetic surgery. [Review] [152 refs] Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 118(7): 167e-80e, Dec 2006.

Sarwer DB., Wadden TA., Fabricatore AN.: Psychosocial and behavioral aspects of bariatric surgery. [Review] [128 refs] Obesity Research 13(4): 639-48, Apr 2005.

Wadden TA., Berkowitz RI., Womble LG., Sarwer DB., Phelan S., Cato RK., Hesson LA., Osei SY., Kaplan R., Stunkard AJ.: Randomized trial of lifestyle modification and pharmacotherapy for obesity.[see comment] New England Journal of Medicine 353(20): 2111-20, Nov 17 2005.

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