Annamarie D. Horan

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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Director, Clinical Research, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Director, Clinical Research, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care
Department: Orthopaedic Surgery

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
3737 Market Street
Room 6113
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-294-9132
Fax: 215-222-8859
Lab: 215-847-0132
BS (Biology)
St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA, 1987.
PhD (Pathology/Radiation Oncology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2000.
MPA (Master of Public Administration)
Fels Institute of Government, University of Pennsylvania, 2011.
Post-Graduate Training
NSRA Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology, Philadelphia, PA, 2000-2001.
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Description of Research Expertise

Clinical Trials:
-FDA CFR and ICH Guidelines
-Site preparation & Selection
-IRB submissions & maintenance
-Regulatory Document preparation & Maintenance
-CRF design & completion
-Statistical Analysis
-Study Design
-Manuscript preparation
-Project Management

Description of Itmat Expertise


Selected Publications

Bartow-McKenney C, Hannigan GD, Horwinski J, Hesketh P, Horan AD, Mehta S, Grice EA: The microbiota of traumatic, open fracture wounds is associated with mechanism of injury. Wound Repair Regen 26(2): 127-135, Mar 2018.

Baldwin DA, Horan AD, Hesketh PJ, Mehta S: Combined RT-qPCR of mRNA and microRNA Targets within One Fluidigm Integrated Fluidic Circuit. J Biomol Tech 27(2): 75-83, Jul 2016.

Hannigan GD, Hodkinson BP, McGinnis K, Tyldsley AS, Anari JB, Horan AD, Grice EA, Mehta S. : Culture-independent pilot study of microbiota colonizing open fractures and association with severity, mechanism, location, and complication from presentation to early outpatient follow-up. J Orthop Res 32(4): 597-605, 2014.

Mark DG, Hayden GE, Ku B, Paszczuk A, Matthews S, Pugh M, Horan A, Gracias VH, Kirkpatrick JN, Dean AJ: Hand-carried echocardiography for assessment of left ventricular filling and ejection fraction in the surgical intensive care unit. J Crit Care 24(3): 470.e1-7, Sep 2009.

Tinti MS, Haut ER, Horan AD, Sonnad S, Reilly PM, Schwab CW, Gracias VH: Transition to a semiclosed surgical intensive care unit (SICU) leads to improved resident job satisfaction: a prospective, longitudinal analysis. J Surg Educ 66(1): 25-30, Jan-Feb 2009.

Gracias VH, Sicoutris CP, Stawicki SP, Meredith DM, Horan AD, Gupta R, Haut ER, Auerbach S, Sonnad S, Hanson, CW 3rd, Schwab CW: Critical care nurse practitioners improve compliance with clinical practice guidelines in "semiclosed" surgical intensive care unit. J Nurs Care Qual 23(4): 338-44, Oct-Dec 2008.

Mark DG, Ku BS, Carr BG, Everett WW, Okusanya O, Horan A, Gracias VH, Dean AJ: Directed bedside transthoracic echocardiography: preferred cardiac window for left ventricular ejection fraction estimation in critically ill patients. Am J Emerg Med 25(8): 894-900, Oct 2007.

Carr BG, Dean AJ, Everett WW, Ku BS, Mark DG, Okusanya O, Horan AD, Gracias VH: Intensivist bedside ultrasound (INBU) for volume assessment in the intensive care unit: a pilot study. J Trauma 63(3): 495-502, Sep 2007.

Woodfield GW, Horan, AD, Chen Y, Weigel RJ: TFAP2C controls hormone response in breast cancer cells through multiple pathways of estrogen signaling. Cancer Res 67(18): 8439-43, Sep 15 2007.

Gracias VH, Horan AD, Kim PK, Puri NK, Gupta R, Gallagher JJ, Sicoutris CP, Grasso M, Hanson CW, Schwab CW: Digital output volumetric pulmonary artery catheters eliminate interoperator interpretation variability and improve consistency of treatment decisions. J Am Coll Surg 204(2): 209-215, Feb 2007.

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