Ravi K Amaravadi

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Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Attending Physician , Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Member, Institute of Translational Medicine and Therapeutics
Member, Abramson Cancer Center
Member, University of Pennsylvania GI Center for Molecular Studies of Digestive and Liver Diseases
Co-Leader Cancer Therapeutics Program , Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Hematology-Oncology Division
University of Pennsylvania
16 Penn Tower
3400 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-7402
Fax: 215-349-8550
BA (Biochemistry )
Columbia University , 1996.
MD (Medicine)
Johns Hopkins University , 2000.
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Description of Research Expertise

Autophagy, Mechanisms of Cell Death, Developmental Therapeutics

Description of Itmat Expertise

Dr. Amaravadi conducts basic, preclinical and Phase I/II clinical trials in novel molecularly targeted therapeutics and combinations in cancer therapy.

Selected Publications

Twyman-Saint Victor C, Rech A, Maity A, Rengan R, Pauken K, Stelekati E, Xu B, Dada H, Odiorizzi P, Herati R, Mansfield K, Patsch D, Amaravadi RK, Schuchter LM, Ishwaran H, Mick R, Pryma D, Xu X, Feldman M, Gangadhar T, Hahn S, Wherry JE, Vonderheide R, Benci J, Minn A. : Radiation and Dual Checkpoint Blockade Activates Non-Redundant Immune Mechanisms in Cancer. Nature in press 2015

Wang T, Xiao M, Ge Y, Krepler C, Belser E, Lopez-Coral A, Xu X, Zhang G, Azuma R, Liu Q, Liu R, Li L, Amaravadi RK, Xu W, Karakousis GC, Gangadhar TC, Schuchter LM, Lieu M, Khare S, Halloran MB, Herlyn M, Kaufman RE: BRAF Inhibition Stimulates Melanoma-Associated Macrophages to Drive Tumor Growth. Clin Cancer Res. Jan epub 2015.

Hubbard-Lucey V, Shono Y,Maurer K,West ML,Singer NV, Ziegler CG, Lezcano, C, Motta AC,Schmid K,Levi SM,Murphy GF,Liu C,Winkler JD,Amaravadi JK,Rogler G,Dickinson AM,Holler E,van den Brink M,Cadwell K: Autophagy Gene Atg16l1 Prevents Lethal T Cell Alloreactivity Mediated by Dendritic Cells. Immunity Page: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.immuni.2014.09.011, Dec 2014.

Krayya A, Piao S, Xu G, Zhang G, Gimotty PG, Xu X, Amaravadi RK**, Speicher DW**. **Co-senior authors.: Identification of secreted proteins that reflect autophagy dynamics with tumor cells Autophagy Nov 2014.

Barnard RA, Wittenburg LA, Amaravadi RK, Gustafson DL, Thorburn A, Thamm DH: Phase I and pharmacodynamic evaluation of combination hydroxychloroquine and doxorubicin treatment in dogs with spontaneously occurring lymphoma. Autophagy 10(8), August 2014.

Vogl DT, Stadtmauer EA, Tan KS, Heitjan DF, Davis LE, Pontiggia L, Rangwala R, Piao S, Chang YC, Scott EC, Paul TM, Nichols CW, Porter DL, Kaplan J, Mallon G, Bradner JE, Amaravadi RK.: Combined autophagy and proteasome inhibition: Phase I trial of hydroxychloroquine with bortezomib in patients with relapsed refractory multiple myeloma. Autophagy 10(8), August 2014.

Myrna R. Rosenfeld, Jeffrey G. Supko, Stuart A. Grossman, Steven Brem, Tom Mikkelson, Daniel Wang, Claire Chang, Janice Hu, Quentin McAfee, Andrea Troxel, Shengfu Piao, Daniel Hetjian, Kay See Tan, Laura Pontiggia, Peter J. O’Dwyer, Lisa E. Davis, Ravi K.Amaravadi: A Phase I/II Trial of Hydroxychloroquine in Conjunction with Radiation Therapy and Concurrent and Adjuvant Temozolomide in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme Autophagy 10 (8), August 2014.

Rangwala R, Chang YC, Hu J, Algazy K, Evans T, Fecher L, Schuchter L, Torigian DA, Panosian J, Troxel A, Tan KS, Heitjan DF, Demichele A, Vaughn D, Redlinger M, Alavi A, Kaiser J, Pontiggia L, Davis LE, O'Dwyer PJ, Amaravadi RK.: Combined mTOR and autophagy inhibition: Phase I trial of hydroxychloroquine and temsirolimus in patients with advanced solid tumors and melanoma Autophagy (2012 IF 12) 10(8), August 2014.

Rangwala R, Leone R, Chang YC, Fecher L, Schuchter L, Kramer A, Tan KS, Heitjan DF, Rodgers G, Gallagher M, Piao S, Troxel A, Evans T, Demichele A, Nathanson KL, O'Dwyer PJ, Kaiser J, Pontiggia L, Davis LE, Amaravadi RK.: Phase I trial of hydroxychloroquine with dose-intense temozolomide in patients with advanced solid tumors and melanoma Autophagy 10(8), August 2014.

Mahalingam D, Mita M, Sarantopoulos J, Wood L, Amaravadi R, Davis LE, Mita A, Curiel TJ, Espitia CM, Nawrocki ST, Giles FJ, Carew JS.: Combined Inhibition of Autophagy and HDAC inhibition: A Phase I Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Analysis of Hydroxychloroquine in Combination with the HDAC Inhibitor Vorinostat in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors Autophagy (2012 IF 12) 10(8), August 2014.

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