Alexander Lin

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Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center and the Pennsylvania Hospital
Chief, Head and Neck Service, University of Pennsylvania Department of Radiation Oncology
Director of Clinical Proton Operations, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Radiation Oncology
Department: Radiation Oncology

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Radiation Oncology
3400 Civic Center Blvd
TRC 2 West
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-3198
Fax: 215-349-5445
B.A. (Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry)
Yale University, 1998.
M.D. (Medicine)
University of Michigan Medical School, 2002.
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Description of Itmat Expertise

Head and Neck cancer, radiation therapy

Description of Research Expertise

Head and Neck Cancer

Selected Publications

Fang P, Batra S, Hollander A, Lin A, Hill-Kayser C, Levin L, Mupparapu M, Thompson RF : Development and evaluation of a standardized method and atlas for contouring primary and permanent dentition. Dentomaxillofacial Radiology March 2015 [Epub ahead of print]

Bur A, Lin A, and Weinstein G: Adjuvant radiation therapy for early head and neck squamous cell carcinoma with perineural invasion: a systematic review. Head and Neck 2015 (Accepted 9/12/15).

Grover S, Swisher-McClure S, Mitra N, Li J, Cohen RB, Ahn PH, Lukens JN, Chalian AA, Weinstein GS , O’Malley Jr. BW, and Lin A : Total Laryngectomy Versus Larynx Preservation for T4a Larynx Cancer: Patterns of Care and Survival Outcomes International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, and Physics 92: 595-602, July 2015.

Jacoby, D, Hajj J, Javaheri A, Degoma E, Lin A, Ahn P, Quon H : Carotid Intima Media Thickness Measurement Promises to Improve Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation in Head and Neck Cancer Patients. Clin Cardiol 38(5): 280-4, May 2015.

Lin A and Maity A: Molecular Pathways: A Novel Approach to Targeting Hypoxia and Improving Radiotherapy Efficacy via Reduction in Oxygen Demand. Clinical Cancer Research Clin Cancer Res May 1, 2015 21; 1995 21(9): 1995-2000, May 2015.

Lukens JN, Lin A, and Hahn S. Curr Opin Oncol. 2015 May;27(3):165-71. : Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer. Current Opinion in Oncology 27(3): 165-71, May 2015.

Shenouda G, Zhang Q, Ang KK, Machtay M, Parliament MB, Hershock D, Suntharalingam M, Lin A, Rotman M, Nabid A, Hong S, Shehata S, Cmelak AJ, Sultanem K, Le Q: Long term results of the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group RTOG 99-03: A Randomized Phase III Trial to Assess the Effect of Erythropoietin on Local-Regional Control in Anemic Patients Treated with Radiotherapy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 91(5): 907-15, April 2015.

Roman BR, Patel SG, Wang MB, Pou AM, Holsinger C, Myssiorek D, Goldenberg D, Swisher-McClure S, Lin A, Shah JP, Shea JA : Guideline familiarity predicts variation in self-reported use of routine surveillance PET/CT by physicians who treat head and neck cancer. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network 13(1): 69-77, January 2015.

Chawla S, Wang S, Kim S, Sheriff S, Lee P, Rengan R, Lin A, Melhem E, Maudsley A, Poptani H.: Radiation Injury to the Normal Brain Measured by 3D-Echo-Planar Spectroscopic Imaging and Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Initial Experience. Journal of Neuroimaging 25(1): 97-104, Jan-Feb 2015.

Cerniglia GJ, Dey S, Gallagher-Colombo SM, Daurio N, Tuttle S, Busch TM, Lin A, Vinogradov S, Koumenis C, Maity A: The PI3K/Akt Pathway Regulates Oxygen Metabolism via Pyruvate Dehydrogenase (PDH)-E1α Phosphorylation Mol Cancer Ther 14(8): 1928-38, 2015.

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