Robert M Campbell, Jr.

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Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Orthopaedic Surgery

Contact information
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Orthopaedics
34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard
2nd Floor, Wood Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-1527
Fax: 215-590-1501
None (Electrical Engineering)
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, 1971.
Bachelors (Natural Science)
Johns Hopkins University, 1973.
MD (Medicine)
Georgetown University, 1977.
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Description of Itmat Expertise

I am a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon with a special career interest in complex diseases of the spine and chest wall and their effect on respiratory function and lung growth in young children.

Description of Other Expertise

Am an advocate for pediatric device innovation, having invented the VEPTR device for treatment of thoracic insufficiency syndrome, and testified to the Senate Committee for Health in support of the 2007 Pediatric Medical Device Safety and Improvement Act.

Description of Research Expertise

Have long experience in the clinical study of complex spine and chest wall deformity in young children and how such diseases affect both lung function and growth. Led the research team that named this linkage between thoracic dyfunction and pulmonary disease "thoracic insufficiency syndrome". Currently leading a joint University of Pennsylvania-CHOP research team developing advanced dynamic lung MRI analysis of thoracic performance and also working with the FDA to create a national data base of pediatric MRI imaging of normal children to be called "The Virtual Growing Child".

Selected Publications

Campbell, RM: VEPTR: past experience and the future of VEPTR principles. Eur Spine J 22(Suppl 2): S106-117, 2013.

Robert M Campbell MD: VEPTR Expansion Thoraoplasty "The Growing Spine: Management of Spinal Disorders in Young Children" B Akbarnia,M Yazici, G Thompson (eds.). Springer, Page: 469-486, 2011.

Ramirez N, Flynn JM, Emans JB, Betz R, Smith JT, Price N, St Hilaire T, Joshi AP, Campbell RM. : Vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib as treatment of thoracic insufficiency syndrome in spondylocostal dysplasia. J Pediatr Orthop 30(6): 521-6, Sep 2010.

Akbarnia,B., Blakemore,L.,Campbell, R, Dormans, J.: Instructional Course Lecture: Approaches to the Very Young Child with Spinal Deformity: What's New and What Works. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. O'Connor, Mary, and Egol, Kenneth (eds.). AAOS, 59, 2010.

Samdani AF, St. Hilaire T, Emans JB, Smith JT, Song K, Campbell RJ, Betz RR: The usefulness of VEPTR in the older child with complex spine and chest deformity. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 468(3): 700-7004, 2010.

Akbarnia BA, Blakemore LC, Campbell RM, Dormans JP: Approaches for the Very Young Child With Spinal Deformity: What’s New and What Works. AAOS Instructional Course Lectures. AAOS Instructional Course Lectures Volume 59(34): 407-424, 2010.

Skaggs DL, Sankar WN, Albrektson J, Wren TA, Campbell RM. : Weight gain following vertical expandable prosthetic titanium ribs surgery in children with thoracic insufficiency syndrome. SPINE 34(23): 2530-2533, November 2009.

Campbell,R.M.: Spine Deformities in Rare Congenital Syndromes: Clinical Issues. SPINE 34(17): 1815-27, August 2009.

Skaggs DL, Choi PD, Rice C, Emans J, Song KM, Smith JT, Campbell RM Jr., : Efficacy of Intraoperative Neurologic Monitoring in VEPTR Surgery for Early Onset Spinal Deformity. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 91(7): 1657-63. July 2009.

Campbell,RM : VEPTR Treatment Update International Congress of Early Onset Scoliosis, Montreal, Canada Jan , 2009 Jan 2009.

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