Joseph A Fraietta

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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Director, Solid Tumor Immunotherapy Laboratory , Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics University of Pennsylvania
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact information
Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine South Tower (ST9)
University of Pennsylvania
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Laboratory: 9-309 Office: 9-104
Philadelphia, PA 19104-5156
Office: 215-746-4083
Fax: 215-573-8590
Lab: 215-573-1880
Ph.D. (Microbiology and Immunology)
Drexel University College of Medicine, 2012.
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Description of Itmat Expertise

1) Development of novel approaches and methodologies, using adoptive T cell-directed approaches, to enhance patient immunity against cancer and viral infections

2) Understanding the factors and mechanisms associated with successful adoptive transfer of immune T cells and improving the outcomes of both endogenous and gene-modified T cells

3) Development of mechanism-based strategies to improve the survival, expansion and potency of infused T cell products directed against cancer cells

4) Devising methods to modulate the host immune environment to optimally activate T cells in humans

5) Designing and implementing strategies to evaluate on-target, off-tumor toxicity of genetically-modified immune cells

Description of Research Expertise

My laboratory focuses on developing cellular-based immunotherapy for cancer and viral infections. Studies in the group are directed toward enhancing the specificity and efficacy of genetically-redirected T cells, developing mechanisms to render T cells resistant to the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment and improving the processes of engineering cells for infusion into patients. We also interrogate cellular products for key markers of potency using biochemical, molecular as well as cell-based assays. Our long-term goals include the 1) development of novel methodologies using adoptive T cell-directed approaches, to enhance patient immunity against cancer and 2) generation of comprehensive, quality-driven platforms to predict as well as evaluate the impact of experimental treatments on patient biology/the disease to allow for a rational and data-driven iterative cycle of translational research.

Selected Publications

Xu Jun, Melenhorst J Joseph, Fraietta Joseph A : Toward precision manufacturing of immunogene T-cell therapies. Cytotherapy In Press , 2018

Ghassemi Saba, Nuez-Cruz Selene, O'Connor Roddy S, Fraietta JA, Patel Prachi R, Scholler John, Barrett David M, Lundh Stefan, Bedoya Felipe, Leferovich John, Lacey Simon F, Levine Bruce L, Grupp Stephan A, June Carl H, Melenhorst J Joseph, Milone Michael C: Shortening the duration of ex vivo culture improves the anti-leukemic activity of CAR T cells Cancer Immunology Research In Revision , 2018

Kloss Christopher C, Lee Jihyun, Zhang Aaron, Chen Fang, Melenhorst J Joseph, Lacey Simon F, Maus Marcela V, Fraietta Joseph A, Zhao Yangbing, June Carl H : Dominant negative TGFβ receptor enhances PSMA-targeted human CAR T cell proliferation and augments tumor eradication in prostate cancer Molecular Therapy In Revision , 2018

Kong Weimin, Lacey Simon F, Melenhorst J Joseph, Fraietta Joseph A : Biomarkers in Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy. Biomarkers in Medicine In Press , 2018

Fraietta Joseph A, Nobles Christopher L, Sammons Morgan A, Lundh Stefan, Carty Shannon A, Reich Tyler, Cogdill Alexandria P, Morrissette Jennifer JD, DeNizio Jamie E, Reddy Shantan, Hwang Young, Gohil Mercy, Kulikovskaya Irina, Nazimuddin Farzana, Gupta Minnal, Chen Fang, Everett John K, Alexander Katherine A, Lin-Shiao Enrique, Liu Xiaojun, Young Regina M, Ambrose David, Wang Yan, Xu Jun, Jordan Martha S, Marcucci Katherine T, Levine Bruce L, Garcia K Christopher, Zhao Yangbing, Kalos Michael, Porter David L, Kohli Rahul M, Lacey Simon F, Berger Shelley L, Bushman Frederic D, June Carl H, Melenhorst Joseph J: Disruption of TET2 Promotes the Therapeutic Efficacy of CD19-targeted T-cells. Nature In Press , 2018

Fraietta Joseph A, Lacey Simon F, Orlando Elena J, Pruteanu-Malinici Iulian, Gohil Mercy, Lundh Stefan, Boesteanu Alina C., Wang Yan, O'Connor Roddy S, Hwang Wei-Ting, Pequignot Edward, Ambrose David E, Zhang Changfeng, Wilcox Nicholas, Bedoya Felipe, Dorfmeier Corin, Chen Fang, Tien Lifeng, Parakandi Harit, Gupta Minnal, Young Regina M, Johnson F Brad, Kulikovskaya Irina, Liu Li, Kassim Sadik H, Suhoski-Davis Megan M, Levine Bruce L, Frey Noelle V, Siegel Donald L, Huang Alexander C, Wherry E John, Bitter Hans, Brogdon Jennifer L, Porter David L, June Carl H, Melenhorst J Joseph : Determinants of Response and Resistance to CD19 Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T- cell Therapy of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Nature Medicine In Press, 2018.

Hope Jennifer L, Stairiker Christopher J, Spantidea Panagiota I, Gracias Donald T, Carey Alison J, Fike Adam J, van Meurs Marjan, Brouwers-Haspels Inge, Rijsbergen Laurine C, Fraietta Joseph A, Mueller Yvonne M, Klop Rosemarieke C, Stelekati Erietta, Wherry E John, Erkeland Stefan J, Katsikis Peter D : T-bet expression in anti-viral CD8+ T cells is regulated by microRNA-155 via SHIP-1 Frontiers in Immunology 8(1696), December 2017

Lorena Loarca*, Joseph A. Fraietta*, Vanessa Pirrone, Zsofia Szep and Brian Wigdahl *Co-first author : Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection and Cancer. HIV/AIDS - Contemporary Challenges. Nancy Dumais (eds.). InTech, Page: 3-42, Feb 2017

Long Meixiao, Beckwith Kyle, Do Priscilla, Mundy Bethany L, Gordon Amber, Lehman Amy M, Maddocks Kami J, Cheney Carolyn, Jones Jeffrey A, Flynn Joseph M, Andritsos Leslie A, Awan Farrukh, Fraietta Joseph A, June Carl H, Maus Marcela V, Woyach Jennifer A, Caligiuri Michael A, Johnson Amy J, Muthusamy Natarajan, Byrd John C: Ibrutinib treatment improves T cell number and function in CLL patients. The Journal of clinical investigation 127(8): 3052-3064, Aug 2017.

Fraietta, J.A., S.F. Lacey, N.S. Wilcox, F. Bedoya, F. Chen, E. Orlando, J.L. Brogdon, W-T. Hwang, N. Frey, R.M. Young, E. Pequignot, D.E. Ambrose, B.L. Levine, H. Bitter, D.L. Porter, J. Xu., C.H. June and J.J. Melenhorst. : Biomarkers of response to anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. 58th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting 2016

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