Ming-Lin Liu

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Research Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Department: Dermatology

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Department of Dermatology
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
2 East. Gates Building, #2021
3600 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tianjin Medical University, 1986.
University of Helsinki, 2003.
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Description of Itmat Expertise

Cell death and Inflammation, Extracellular Vesicles and Extracellular Traps, and Their Involvement in Cardiovascular, Metabolic, and Autoimmune Diseases.

Description of Research Expertise

1) Cell Death, Inflammation, Innate Immunity

2) Extracellular Vesicles, Extracellular Traps, and Innate Immune Responses

3) Extracellular Vesicles, Extracellular Traps, and Their Pathological Involvement in Human Diseases (i.e. Autoimmune, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases)

4) UVB Exposure, and Its Involvement in Skin Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases (i.e. lupus, dermatomyositis, etc).

Selected Publications

Li YB, Li MH, Weigel B, Mall M, Werth VP, Liu ML*: Nuclear envelope rupture and NET formation is driven by PKCα-mediated lamin B disassembly. EMBO reports 21(8): e48779, June 2020 Notes: * Corresponding Author. doi: 10.15252/embr.201948779. Online ahead of print.

Ming-Lin Liu*, Xing Lyu, and Victoria P. Werth: NETotic neutrophils release extracellular vesicles that may contribute to the pro-thrombotic conditions in patients with COVID-19 (E-letter). Journal of Clinical Investigation August 2020 (*Corresponding author) Notes: https://www.jci.org/eletters/view/141374#sec1.

Zhao Y, Wei W*, Liu ML*: Extracellular Vesicles and Lupus Nephritis - New insights into pathophysiology and clinical implications (doi: 10.1016/j.jaut.2020.102540). Journal of Autoimmunity. Elsevier, 113, September 4 2020 (*Co-corresponding Authors).

Luan J, Chen W, Fan J, Wang S, Zhang X, Zai W, Jin X, Wang Y, Feng Z, Zhang J, Liu ML*, Ju D*.: GSDMD membrane pore is critical for IL-1β release and antagonizing IL-1β by hepatocyte-specific nanobiologics is a promising therapeutics for murine alcoholic steatohepatitis. Biomaterials 227(119570), January 2020 (* Co-corresponding Authors)

Wu X, Liu Y, Wei W*, Liu ML* : Extracellular Vesicles in Autoimmune Vasculitis - Little dirts light the fire in blood vessels. Autoimmunity Reviews 18(6): 593-606, June 2019 (* Co-corresponding Authors).

ML Liu*, KJ Williams, VP Werth: Microvesicles in Autoimmune Diseases. Advances in Clinical Chemistry 77: 125-175 Jul 2016 (* Corresponding Author).

Chen Y, Li G, Liu Y, Werth VP, Williams KJ, Liu ML.: Translocation of Endogenous Danger Signal HMGB1 from Nucleus to Membrane Microvesicles in Macrophages. Journal of Cellular Physiology. Wiley, 231(11): 2319-26, November 2016

Liu ML*, Scalia R, Mehta JL, Williams KJ*: Cholesterol-induced membrane microvesicles as novel carriers of damage-associated molecular patterns: mechanisms of formation, action, and detoxification. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 32(9): 2113-21, Sep 2012 (* Co-corresponding Authors) Notes:

Chen K, Liu ML, Schaffer L, Li MZ, Williams KJ: Type 2 diabetes in mice induces hepatic overexpression of sulfatase 2, a novel factor that suppresses uptake of remnant lipoproteins. Hepatology. 52: 1957-1967, 2010.

Liu ML*, Reilly MP, Peter Casasanto, McKenzie SE, Williams KJ*.: Cholesterol Enrichment of Human Monocyte/Macrophages Induces Surface Exposure of Phosphatidylserine and the Release of Biologically-Active Tissue Factor-Positive Microvesicles. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 27(2): 430-5, 2007 (* Co-corresponding Authors).

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