Bruno Barufaldi

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Department: Radiology

Contact information
3620 Hamilton Walk
John Morgan, 155
Philadelphia, PA 19104
University of Paraiba, 2010.
University of Paraiba, 2011.
University of Sao Paulo, 2016.
Post-Graduate Training
Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical Physics, University of Pennsylvania, 2017-2020.
Research Associate in Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, 2020-2024.
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Description of Itmat Expertise

Digital Mammography
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Image Quality Assessment
Deep Learning

Description of Research Expertise

My research training was conducted jointly at Penn and the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) where I received my doctorate. My research is focused on the development of imaging systems and intelligent methods to improve breast cancer care.

As an individual hailing from a country marked by economic inequality and high rates of late-stage breast cancer, I am strongly motivated to work in the field of breast cancer research. Cancer disparities fuel my determination to address the urgent need for equitable and effective interventions in cancer diagnosis. Every woman, regardless of her race and socioeconomic status, deserves timely and effective healthcare.

I aim to identify and address the underlying factors contributing to breast cancer, especially in racial or socio-economically disadvantaged women. By working towards bridging the gaps and empowering underrepresented populations, I aspire to contribute to a future where individuals have equal opportunities for prevention, early detection, and effective treatment of breast cancer.

Selected Publications

Acciavatti RJ, Choi CJ, Vent TL, Barufaldi B, Cohen EA, Wileyto EP, Maidment ADA.: Non-Isocentric Geometry for Next-Generation Tomosynthesis With Super-Resolution. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2024.

Barufaldi B, Acciavatti RJ, Conant EF, Maidment ADA.: Impact of super-resolution and image acquisition on the detection of calcifications in digital breast tomosynthesis. Eur Radiol 2024.

Barufaldi B, Gomes J, Rego TGD, Malheiros Y, Filho TMS, Borges LR, Acciavatti RJ, Surti S, Maidment ADA.: Impact of Tomosynthesis Acquisition on 3D Segmentations of Breast Outline and Adipose/Dense Tissue with AI: A Simulation-Based Study. Tomography 9: 1303-1314, Jul 2023.

Sousa MAZ, Barufaldi B, Medeiros RB, Schiabel H: Automatic Quality Evaluation of Digital Mammographic Images Generated with Cdmam Phantom Correlated With the Human Vision. Journal of Radiology & Radiation therapy 2(11), Jul 2023.

Barufaldi B, da Nobrega YNG, Carvalhal G, Teixeira JPV, Silva Filho TM, do Rego TG, Malheiros Y, Acciavatti RJ, Maidment ADA.: Multiclass Segmentation of Breast Tissue and Suspicious Findings: A Simulation-Based Study for the Development of Self-Steering Tomosynthesis. Tomography 9: 1120-1132, Jun 2023.

Adamo SH, Roque N, Barufaldi B, Schmidt J, Mello-Thoms C, Lago M.: Assessing satisfaction of search in virtual mammograms for experienced and novice searchers. J Med Imaging (Bellingham) 2023.

Adamo S, Barufaldi B, Lago M: Comparing experts to novices: reduced satisfaction of search when searching with virtual breast tomosynthesis. Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng 12467(03), 2023.

Soares L, Brandao R, Borges L, Caron R, Barufaldi B, Maidment ADA, Vieira MAC: Assessing the impact of correlated noise in digital mammography: a virtual clinical trial. Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng 12467(14), 2023.

Vimieiro R, Borges L, Barufaldi B, Maidment ADA, Caron R, Sabino SMP, Wang G, Vieira MAC: Computational method to artificially insert clusters of microcalcifications in digital breast tomosynthesis. Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng 12463(2N), 2023.

Ibrahim A, Barufaldi B, Refaee T, Silva Filho TM, Acciavatti RJ, Salahuddin Z, Hustinx R, Mottaghy FM, Maidment ADA, Lambin P.: MaasPenn Radiomics Reproducibility Score: A Novel Quantitative Measure for Evaluating the Reproducibility of CT-Based Handcrafted Radiomic Features. Cancers (Basel) 14: 1599, Mar 2022.

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