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CAR-T and the Rise of Cellicon Valley

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CAR T Cell Toxicity Management in Acute Leukemia 
Shannon L Maude, MD, PhD // Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Proteomic Strategies for Identifying Resistance Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets in Lymphoma
Megan S Lim, MD, PhD // Penn Medicine

Creating the Shift from Autologous to Allogeneic CAR T-cell Therapy
David Chang MD, PhD // Allogene Therapeutics 

SCT for Immunodeficiency
Nancy J Bunin, MD // Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 

CAR T Cells in Special Populations
Amanda DiNofia, MD, MSCE //  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Processing Apheresis Cell Product from Collection to Send Off
Yongping Wang, MD, PhD// Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Cellular Gene Therapies: Regulatory Challenges
Viera Muzithras // Celgene

Future Directions of CAR T-cell Therapy for Pediatric ALL Patients
Colleen Callahan, MSN, CRNP // Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Ethical Issues in Pediatric BMT as Demonstrated by Two Unique Case Studies
Kimberly L Venella, MSN, CRNP // Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia