Business Operations

The Business Development and Alliances group is responsible for the financial, administrative, and operational pieces of the program. These duties include financial management, accounting, purchasing, forecasting, human resource assessments, recruiting, on-boarding, space needs, and facility management. This division seeks to increase  productivity and efficiency by providing oversight in effective business methods that integrate the financial and administrative pieces. Additionally, the group fosters successful alliance partnerships with creation, implementation, and oversight of collaborative governances and communication plans.

Finance Team:

  • Angela McDevitt, Director, Finance
  • Bernadette Salera, Finance Manager
  • Tina Ciarrocchi, Finance Coordinator
  • Mark Patrick, Finance Coordinator
  • Greg Dougherty, Finance Coordinator

Facilities Team:

  • Kurt Buchholz, Director, CCI Facilities Management
  • Khanh Tran, cGMP Validation Manager 
  • Carl Croom, Research Facilities Manager SCTR 8
  • Sridevi Mony, Research Facilities Manager SPE8
  • Thomas Volpe, cGMP Facilities Manager 
  • Sean Ellerbe, cGMP Facilities Technician
  • Lanisha Miller, cGMP Facilities Technician
  • Kevin Colligon, CCI/CVPF Engineer

Administrative team: 

  • Chelsey Molineaux, CCI Manager 
  • Brittney Wilson, CCI Program Coordinator, CVPF
  • Joy McManus, CCI Program Coordinator, PICI
  • Brianna Mannuccia, CCI Administrative Assistant