RGC Winner 2018

Dear CCI,


We are pleased to announce the winner of the 4th Annual Richard Carroll Excellence in Research Award.   This year’s winner is Dr. Cynthia Clendenin.  Cynthia runs the mouse hospital and her group provides an enormous benefit to those using spontaneous tumor models to advance cancer immunotherapy 

The purpose of this award as you may remember is to acknowledge the folks behind the scenes that make things happen but often do not get recognized for their efforts-like the award’s namesake Richard Carroll.   Richard was a wonderful scientist who had an infectious love of science and working in the lab.  Richard often did the jobs that did not get much fanfare to make the entire CCI program more successful in getting therapies to patients.  Richard would have liked Cynthia very much.  Her “can do” attitude coupled with a smile on her face makes her a wonderful collaborator and great resource for folks planning these complicated experiments.  Cynthia is truly following in Richard’s footsteps by making the CCI output greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Cynthia will get a plaque acknowledging her as the winner of the award and her name will join Shannon’s, Hong’s and Simon’s on wall near the elevator.  Cynthia will also be able to attend a meeting of her choice or to attend workshop to improve her skills a researcher.  Richard was a firm believer that everyone doing science should always be learning new things and by allowing folks who normally don’t attend meetings to go we further pay tribute to Richard’s ideals.

Please join us in congratulating Cynthia on being recognized by this award.

All the best,


Richard Carroll Award Selection Committee.