Riley Lab

Recent Research Publications

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  2. Basu S, Golovina T, Mikheeva T, June CH, Riley JL: Cutting edge: Foxp3-mediated induction of pim 2 allows human T regulatory cells to preferentially expand in rapamycin. Journal of Immunology 180(9): 5794-8, May 2008.
  3. Riley JL, June CH, Blazar BR: Human T regulatory cell therapy: take a billion or so and call me in the morning. Immunity 30(5): 656-65, May 2009.
  4. Richardson MW, Jadlowsky J, Didigu CA, Doms RW, Riley JL:Kruppel-like factor 2 modulates CCR5 expression and susceptibility to HIV-1 infection. Journal of Immunology 189(8): 3815-21, Oct 2012.
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  9. Richardson MW, Guo L, Xin F, Yang X, Riley JL: Stabilized human TRIM5α protects human T cells from HIV-1 infection. Molecular Therapy 22(6): 1084-95, Jun 2014.
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