Yadaiah Madasu, Ph.D.

PostDoctoral Fellow
Ph.D. 2008 - University of Hyderabad, Biochemistry



Selected Publications

Kast DJ, Yang C, Disanza A, Boczkowska M, Madasu Y, Scita G, Svitkina T and Dominguez R (2014) Molecular mechanism of IRSp53 regulation by autoinhibition and activation by Cdc42. Nature Struct Mol Biol. 4:413-22. doi: 10.1038/nsmb.2781

Madasu, Y, Suarez, C, Kast, DJ ,Kovar, DR, Dominguez, R: Rickettsia Sca2 has evolved formin-like activity through a different molecular mechanism. PNAS, USA 110 (29): E2677-E2686, 2013.

Yadaiah, M, Sudhamalla, B, Rao, PN, Roy, KR, Ramakrishna, D, Syed, GH, Ramaiah, KVA, Bhuyan, AK: Arrested cell proliferation through cysteine protease activity of eukaryotic ribosomal protein S4. Faseb J 27: 803-810, 2013.

Sudhamalla, B, Yadaiah, M, Ramakrishna, D, Bhuyan, AK: Cysteine protease attribute of eukaryotic ribosomal protein S4. Biochim Biophys Acta 1820:1535-1542, 2012.

Yadaiah M, Rao PN, Sudhamalla B, Ramakrishna D, Yasin UM, Bhuyan AK. (2012) Cloning, Escherichia coli expression, purification, characterization, and enzyme assay of the ribosomal protein S4 from wheat seedlings (Triticum vulgare). Protein Expr Purif 81:55 – 62

Rao NP, Yadaiah M, Roy KR, Potu H, Bhuyan AK. (2007) Cloning E. coli expression, refolding, and ATP-binding properties of a WD40-deleted Apaf-1 isoform protein expression and purification 56:220 – 228

Yadaiah M, Rao PN, Harish P, Bhuyan AK. (2007) High Affinity Binding of Bcl-xL to Cytochrome c: Implication for a Possible Interception of Translocated Cytochrome c in Apoptosis Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1174:1370 – 1379

Yadaiah M, Kumar R, Bhuyan K. (2007) Glass transition in the folding landscape of cytochrome c detected by laser flash photolysis Biochemistry 46:2545- 2551

Rao DK, Kumar R, Yadaiah M, Bhuyan AK. (2006) The Alkali Molten Globule State of Ferrocytochrome c: Extraordinary Stability, Persistent Structure, and Constrained Overall Dynamics. Biochemistry 45:3412 – 3420

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