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Choi K., Piasini E., Cifuentes-Vargas L., Díaz-Hernández E., Henderson N.T., Subramaniyan M., Gerfen C.R., Marc V. Fuccillo, M.V.  Distributed processing for action control by prelimbic circuits targeting anterior-posterior dorsal striatal subregions. bioRxiv, posted Dec 2021; [Link]

Holly, E.N., Davatolhagh, M.V., España, R.A., Fuccillo, M.V.  Striatal low-threshold spiking interneurons locally gate dopamine during learning. bioRxiv, posted July 2020. [Link]

Davatolhagh, M.V., Fuccillo, M.V.  Neurexin1a differentially regulates synaptic efficacy within striatal circuits. bioRxiv, posted June 2020. [Link]

Alabi, O., Robinson, M., Fortunato, M., Kable, J.W., Fuccillo, M.V.  Disruption of Neurexin1a within excitatory forebrain circuits drives value-based dysfunction. bioRxiv, posted Oct 2019. [Link]