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Zhang YF, Vargas Cifuentes L, Wright KN, Bhattarai JP, Mohrhardt J, Fleck D, Janke E, Jiang C, Cranfill SL, Goldstein N, Schreck M, Moberly AH, Yu Y, Arenkiel BR, Betley JN, Luo W, Stegmaier J, Wesson DW, Spehr M, Fuccillo MV, Ma M. Ventral striatal islands of Calleja neurons control grooming in mice. Nat Neurosci. 2021 Dec;24(12):1699-1710. doi: 10.1038/s41593-021-00952-z. Epub 2021 Nov 18. PMID: 34795450; PMCID: PMC8639805. [Link]

Holly EN, Davatolhagh MF, España RA, Fuccillo MV. Striatal low-threshold spiking interneurons locally gate dopamine. Current Biology, 2021 Jul 20:S0960-9822(21)00910-6. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2021.06.081. Epub 2021 Jul 23. PMID: 34302742. [Link]

Terzic B, Davatolhagh MF, Ho Y, Tang S, Liu YT, Xia Z, Cui Y, Fuccillo MV, Zhou Z. Temporal manipulation of Cdkl5 reveals essential postdevelopmental functions and reversible CDKL5 deficiency disorder-related deficits. J Clin Invest. 2021 Oct 15;131(20):e143655. doi: 10.1172/JCI143655. PMID: 34651584; PMCID: PMC8516470. [Link]

Davatolhagh, M.V., Fuccillo, M.V.  Neurexin1⍺ differentially regulates synaptic efficacy within striatal circuits. Cell Reports, 2021 Feb 23;34(8):108773. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2021.108773. PMID: 33626349. [Link

Alabi OO, Davatolhagh MF, Robinson M, Fortunato MP, Vargas Cifuentes L, Kable JW, Fuccillo MV. Disruption of Nrxn1α within excitatory forebrain circuits drives value-based dysfunction. eLife, 2020 Dec 4;9:e54838. PMID: 33274715; PMCID: PMC7759380. [Link]

Duan ZRS, Che A, Chu P, Modol L, Bollmann Y, Babij R, Fetcho RN, Otsuka T, Fuccillo MV, Liston C, Pisapia DJ, Cossart R, De Marco García NV. GABAergic Restriction of Network Dynamics Regulates Interneuron Survival in the Developing Cortex. Neuron, 2020 Jan 8;105(1):75-92. [Link]

White KA, Zhang YF, Zhang Z, Bhattarai JP, Moberly AH, In 't Zandt EE, Pena-Bravo JI, Mi H, Jia X, Fuccillo MV, Xu F, Ma M, Wesson DW. Glutamatergic Neurons in the Piriform Cortex Influence the Activity of D1- and D2-Type Receptor-Expressing Olfactory Tubercle Neurons. J Neuroscience 2019 Nov 27;39(48):9546-9559. [Link]

Holly, E.N., Davatolhagh, M.F., Choi, K., Alabi, O., Vargas-Cifuentes, L., Fuccillo, M.V. Striatal low-threshold spiking interneurons regulate goal-directed learning. Neuron, Jul 3;103(1):92-101, May 2019. [Link]

Alabi, O., Fortunato, M., Fuccillo M.V.  Novel paradigms to probe individual animal differences in value-based decision making. Frontiers in Neuroscience, Feb 7; 13:50, 2019. [Link]

Choi, K.*, Holly, E.N.*., Davatolhagh, M.F., Beier, K.T., Fuccillo M.V.  Integrating anatomical and physiological mapping of striatal afferent projections. European Journal of Neuroscience, 49(5): 623-636, 2018.  *these authors contributed equally to this publication. [Link]

Tischfield, D.J., Saraswat, D.K., Furash, A., Fowler, S.C., Fuccillo, M.V., Anderson, S.A.  Loss of the neurodevelopmental gene zSwim6 alters striatal morphology and motor regulation. Neurobiology of Disease, 103, 174-183, 2017. [Link]

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Rothwell P.E., Hayton S.J., Sun G.L., Fuccillo M.V., Lim B.K., Malenka R.C. Input— and output—specific regulation of serial order performance by corticostriatal circuits. Neuron, 88(2): 345-56, 2015. [Link]

Fuccillo M.V.* (corresponding author), Földy, C.*, Gökce, O.*, Rothwell, P.E., Sun, G.L., Malenka R.C. and Südhof, T.C.  Single-cell mRNA profiling reveals cell-type-specific expression of neurexin isoforms. Neuron, 87(2): 326-340, 2015.   *these authors contributed equally to this publication. [Link]

Rothwell P.E.*, Fuccillo M.V.*, Maxeiner S., Hayton S.J., Lim B.K., Malenka R.C., Südhof T.C.  Autism-associated neuroligin-3 mutations commonly impair striatal circuits to boost repetitive behaviors. Cell, 158(1): 198-212, 2014.   *these authors contributed equally to this publication. [Link]

Soler-Llavina G.J.*, Fuccillo M.V.*, Ko J., Südhof T.C., Malenka R.C.  The neurexin ligands, neuroligins and leucine-rich repeat transmembrane proteins, perform convergent and divergent synaptic functions in vivo. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108(40): 16502-16509, 2011.  *these authors contributed equally to this publication. [Link]

Ko J., Soler-Llavina G.J., Fuccillo M.V., Malenka R.C., Südhof T.C.  Neuroligins/LRRTMs prevent activity- and Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent synapse elimination in cultured neurons. The Journal of Cell Biology 194(2): 323-334, 2011. [Link]

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Fuccillo, M., Rutlin, M., Fishell G.  Removal of Pax6 partially rescues the loss of ventral structures in Shh null mice. Cerebral Cortex Suppl 1: 96-102, 2006. [Link]

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Fuccillo, M., Rallu, M., McMahon A.P., and Fishell G.  Temporal Requirement for Hedgehog Signaling in Ventral Telencephalic Patterning. Development 131(20): 5031-5040, 2004. [Link]