Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Fuccillo Lab

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Ongoing Research Support

Eagles Autism Foundation Grant, "Mechanisms for autism vulnerability in corticostriatal circuits" 

(May 2021-April 2023)

R01MH115030, “Molecular and Circuit Mechanisms of Neurexin1-Mediated Goal-Directed Dysfunction”

(November 2017-2022) National Institutes of Mental Health

R01MH118369, “A Novel Role for Local Striatal Interneuron Regulation of Goal-Directed Action”

(April 2020-2025) National Institutes of Mental Health

Foundation for OCD Research, "Defining a molecular-circuit pathophysiology of OCD for targeted intervention"

(September 2020-March 2025)

Tourette Association of America, Young Investigator Award  

(July 2019-2021)

R01NS117061, "Novel Role of a Ventral Striatal Circuit in Motor Control" (m-PI w/ Ma, Wesson labs)

(August 2021-July 2026) National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke


Completed Research Support

University Research Foundation (2019-2020)

IDDRC New Program Development Award, "Exploring Striatal Circuit-Genetic Interactions Driving Autism Pathophysiology"

Whitehall Foundation Grant, “Exploring Neural Circuits for Efficient Action Selection” (July 2016-2018)

R00MH099243, “Linking Synaptic and Cognitive Deficits in a Model of Neuropsychiatric Disease”

(April 2015-2018), National Institutes of Mental Health

McCabe Fund Fellow Award

(May 2015-April 2016), University of Pennsylvania

K99MH099243, “Linking Synaptic and Cognitive Deficits in a Model of Neuropsychiatric Disease”

(9/19/2012-8/31/2014), National Institutes of Mental Health

F32MH086176,  “Synaptic Analysis of Neuroligin1 function”

(6/8/2009-5/25/2011), National Institutes of Mental Health