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The Center for Global Health

The Center for Global Health (CGH) is an office serving the entire Penn network (faculty, medical students, students in other undergraduate or graduate degree programs) with regards to global health opportunities. Their office is located at 240 John Morgan Building, and they always welcome drop-ins. 

For Penn Med students, the CGH provides information and support on the Global Health Certificate and funding for travel abroad. They also maintain a running list of global health themed courses, year-out opportunities, clinical rotations, etc. that are available to medical students. Their Penn Med Students page provides a comprehensive list of these various opportunities.

Additionally, the CGH meets regularly with leaders of our Global Health Interest Group and other global health related student groups across Penn to improve their website and resources. 


Other Global Health Student Organizations

Below is a list of other global health student organizations open to medical students at Penn:

Below is a list of other global health organizations hosted at other Penn colleges or graduate programs:


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