Global Health Experience Procedures

All international activity should be registered with the Center for Global Health, whether or not it meets funding or credit criteria.

It is essential that students plan activities that are appropriate for their level of training and experience. Regardless of medical school year, students must never agree to engage in activities at a global health site that they would not be qualified for at Penn Medicine. E.g. MS1/2 students are not qualified for clinical activity in which they could be exposed to blood and body fluids. 

CGH funding is not guaranteed; students must submit their completed GHE registration (Parts 1 & 2) (or the CGH Registration for IHS Rotations) no later than 6 weeks prior to their experience start date in order to receive the stipend.

The following steps apply to ALL students participating on a Global health Experience.

Activities specific to particular experiences are noted. 

  1. Explore opportunities on the CGH website (and beyond); research regions and country of interest.
  2. Consider the finances: review funding opportunities on our website to see what kind of support you can expect and/or apply for
  3. Obtain or update your passport (US citizens passport information) and check out visa entry/exit requirements for your destination/s.
  4. Identify a viable activity and mentor/supervisor and establish the means for ongoing communications regarding all details. You are required to obtain confirmation from host site mentor or representative specifying the start and end dates for experience and detailed scope of activity- you will upload this host site confirmation letter during the registration process.
  5. Work with mentor/supervisor to obtain:
    • Recommendations for housing, travel, and logistics
    • Advice on best way to handle your finances i.e. credit cards, checks, cash, etc.
    • Advice on mobile phone and Internet communications for emergencies and general communication. 
      • Note: Mobile phone access for sending and receiving emergency calls is required
  6. BOTSWANA CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS: Review required procedures on the Botswana Clinical Elective page. 
once placed in a GHE, all students must RSVP for a mandatory Pre-Departure Training



Step 1

Complete part 1 of CGH Registration

Please have the following documents prepared in order to complete Part 1:

  1. Biographical and contact information for yourself and host organization
  2. Mentor/supervisor confirmation letter (this may be a letter or email confirming your placement in the experience)
  3. Signed Funding Information Document
  4. IHS ROTATION STUDENTS: complete the CGH Registration for IHS Rotations
  5. NON-IHS STUDENTS: Signed & Completed SHS Pre-Travel Visit Form (see form for appointment request instructions)

Begin part 1

Step 2

IHS ROTATION STUDENTS: You do not need to complete Part 2. Skip to Part 3. 

ALL OTHER STUDENTS: CGH will review Part 1 of your registration and send you Part 2. Part 2 will ask you to complete the following:

  • Register your trip with MyTrips; upload screenshot of your trip itinerary from the MyTrips registration page.
    • This requires the purchasing of our flights. Keep in mind, approved itineraries demonstrate that you arrive before your experience start date and depart after it has ended. Your reimbursement will not be approved, if you arrive after your start date or leave prior to its end.
  • Visit the ISOS Portal and determine your destination’s risk rating. Complete the Liability Form for a high-risk or low-risk region based on your destination.

BOTSWANA CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS: Once your trip is booked, email your itinerary to Josephine Thankane. Some notes regarding flights: 

  • You can only fly into Gaborone from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Harare, or Addis Ababa
  • Booking your flight from US to transit country separately from transit country to Gaborone can often be less expensive

Step 3

  1. ALL GHE STUDENTS: Complete the Global Health Pre-departure Modules training course on Canvas. This training course in global health ethics will take approximately 2 hours to complete.
  2. BOTSWANA CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS: Complete 10 supervised phlebotomies- instructions for setting up appointment are on the Phlebotomy Practice Form. Email this form to Maria Cortese Hering when complete.


  1. Fill prescriptions provided by SHS
  2. Obtain passport and all visa/country entry documents
  3. Review scope of health insurance coverage provided by Penn through ISOS
  4. Print ISOS member/contact information to keep on hand throughout travels
  5. RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY STUDENTS: For IRB-reviewed research, review and print Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Instructions and carry during travel.
  6. FOR ALL STUDENTS TRAVELING TO BOTSWANA: Download and review the BUP Handbook and the BUP Pocket Reference.
  7. BOTSWANA CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS: review and print the Procedures Log.


During and Post-Travel
  1. ALL STUDENTS: In order to receive the remaining balance of your travel stipend, you must complete the Global Health Experience Report and Questionnaire.  Please be as detailed as possible; CGH uses your feedback to improve our current programming to better serve future students.
  2. ALL CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS (except Botswana): At the end of your trip but while still in country, complete the Penn Med Student section of the Evaluation Form and provide a hard copy to your supervisor. The supervisor can email the form directly to Maria Cortese Hering, or return it to you in a sealed envelope. Maria will send it to the Registrar. 
  3. BOTSWANA CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS: Inform Josephine Thankane of ANY travel you plan to do while in Botswana. It is imperative that the BUP know where Penn students are at all times (even on weekends) to ensure student safety. 
  4. BOTSWANA CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS: Enter all procedures (throughout the rotation) performed on the Procedures Log and include your supervisor's signature. 
  5. BOTSWANA CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS: Upon completion, send your Mochudi Public Health Scavenger Hunt to Maria Cortese Hering
  6. BOTSWANA CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS: Students on rotations in Botswana will spend 3 weeks at one hospital and 3 weeks at anotherAt the end of your trip but while still in country, complete the Penn Med Student section of the Evaluation Form (one for each hospital) and provide hard copies to Ms. Josephine Thankane. Ms. Thankane will ensure the PMH and DRMH mentors complete them and will send the completed evaluations to Maria Cortese Hering. Maria will send them to the Registrar. 
  7. BOTSWANA CLINICAL ELECTIVE STUDENTS: Obtain PPD or submit TB symptom check at Student Health Services 12 weeks after the end of your experience. Students are automatically registered for post-travel PPD through OASIS.