Our Team


  • Donita Brady, PhD

    Donita Brady, PhD

    Assistant Dean for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (IDE) in Research Training. Summer Undergraduate Intership Program Co-Director. PennPORT Co-Director.
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  • Edward Marshall III

    Edward Marshall III

    Administrative Director
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  • Lisa Lim, MA

    Lisa Lim, MA

    Assistant Director for Research Training Programs
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  • Vanessa Martinez Penn

    Vanessa Martinez Penn

    Administrative Coordinator
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  • Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, PhD

    Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, PhD

    Faculty Director, PREP
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  • Paul Titchenell, PhD

    Paul Titchenell, PhD

    Assistant Director of Recruitment. Summer Undergraduate Internship Program Co-Director.
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     Titchenell Lab
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  • Maya Hale

    Maya Hale

    IDEAL Research Lead PREP Fellow
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  • Bailey Nance

    Bailey Nance

    IDEAL Research Fellow
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  • Emily Stephanie Cribas

    Emily Stephanie Cribas

    IDEAL Research Fellow
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  • Franklin D. Staback-Rodríguez

    Franklin D. Staback-Rodríguez

    IDEAL Research Fellow
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  • Kahealani (Kahea) Uehara

    Kahealani (Kahea) Uehara

    IDEAL Research Fellow
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  • Kyabeth Torres-Rodriguez

    Kyabeth Torres-Rodriguez

    IDEAL Research Fellow
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  • Maria Fernanda Carrera Rodriguez

    Maria Fernanda Carrera Rodriguez

    IDEAL Research Fellow
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