Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Penn Institute for Immunology

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Our Mission

*Advance our knowledge of the basic immunology of inflammation, autoimmunity, cancer, transplantation and infection and to translate this new knowledge to novel strategies for diagnosis, prevention and therapeutic intervention. 

*Foster collaborations and further strengthen interactions among the Penn community of immunologists.

Spotlights on IFI

Congratulations to this year's IFI Pilot Awardees:

PI: Will Bailis, PhD: Elucidating mitochondrial control of nuclear dynamics in the innate immune system

 PIs: Ike Eisenlohr, VMD, PhD and Katelyn Byrne, PhD: Discovery of small molecules that synergize with anti-CD40 for  enhanced tumor-specific CD4+ T cell responses  

PIs: Paige Porrett, MD, PhD and Kathleen O’Neill, MD, MTR: Origin and Differentiation of Human Uterine Natural Killer Cells