Penn Autoimmunity Clinical Center of Excellence (ACE), ME Time!

ME time!

As part of the newly NIH-funded Penn Autoimmunity Clinical Center of Excellence (ACE)ME Time! is a program of Mentoring and Enrichment for early stage physician-investigators, including junior faculty and clinical and research fellows.  Penn ACE members represent research in pemphigus, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and systemic lupus erythematosus and span across the departments of Dermatology, Neurology, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and Medicine-Rheumatology.

ME Time! synergizes with the following resources on campus to supplement your scientific and/or clinical training with professional career development activities:


ME Time! also offers the following resources:

  • Grant application review: Penn ACE members are available to review your K or early stage investigator award applications (eg, specific aims) in autoimmunity.  Applicants should allow a minimum of 2 weeks for review and comment.  Email the Program Contact (below) for further information.
  • Educational and travel fellowships: Post-doctoral trainees can apply for partial funding to present autoimmune disease research (poster or oral presentation) at national or international research meetings, or to attend educational programs such as the Immunology courses at the FOCIS annual meeting.  Applications should be submitted 30 business days prior to conference/course start date.  Applications will be accepted starting in January 2020.

Penn ACE Investigators: 

Aimee Payne MD, PhD

Amit Bar-Or, MD

Nina Luning Prak, MD, PhD

Terri Laufer, MD

Program Contact:

Insuk Choe