CyTOF Mass Cytometer

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Mass Cytometry

CyTOF2 is a new generation flow cytometer, which utilizes Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometer as a readout. The system uses heavy metal labeled antibodies instead of fluorescent-labeled antibodies, which allows multi-parametric single cell analysis for more than 40 channels with minimal background and compensation problems.

The CyTOF was purchased by the VISN4 HCHT Equipment Funds and awarded to the Philadelphia VAMC (PVAMC) for shared use by investigators at both PVAMC and Penn.

IFI offers a wide variety of CyTOF-related services including consultation, training, antibody conjugation, antibody distribution, and data acquisition. Please contact Takuya Ohtani for more information on services.

CyTOF Core Service Details

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A405, Medical Research Building 
Philadelphia VA Medical Center
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Takuya Ohtani, PhD

Takuya Ohtani, PhD

Technical Director

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John Wherry, PhD

John Wherry, PhD

Scientific Director

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Kyong-Mi Chang, MD

Kyong-Mi Chang, MD

Associate Chief of Staff for R&D

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