CyTOF Panel Examples

Examples of CyTOF antibody panels by users.

Panel designing is much easier with CyTOF compared to regular flow cytometers because of virtually zero compensation problems. You can add and subtract antibodies of your interest without worrying too much. Below are some of the panels by current users. This list is for informational use only. The Core does not guarantee all the antibodies are working nor can be shared. Please ask Takuya about user information. Whether individual antibodies can be shared will be decided by investigators.

  Standard Panels User panel examples
mass metal Human PBMC Panel Mouse Hematopoietic Panel investigator A1 Investigator A2 Investigator B Investigator C
89 Y CD45   CD45 CD45   CD45
113 In     CD45RO CD45RO CD57  
115 In     CD57 CD57   CD57
139 La     Live/Dead Live/Dead   CD154
140 Ce     Beads Beads    
141 Pr CD3 Gr-1 CD3 CD3 CD3 CD3
142 Nd   CD11c CD26 CD26 CD5 CD26
143 Nd CD4   CD4 CD4 CD8 CD4
144 Nd CD27   CTLA4 CTLA-4 CD4 CTLA4
145 Nd CD19   CD19 Granulysin CD19 CD19
146 Nd CD8 F4/80 CD8 CD8 IgD CD8
147 Sm CD45RA   CD45RA CD45RA IFNg CD45RA
148 Nd   CD11b CD7 CD95 CCR6 CD16
149 Sm CD14 CD19 CD73 CD14 CD14 CD14
150 Nd     CD127 CD127 CD69 CD127
151 Eu CD123 CD25 CD39 CD39 Granzyme A CD39
152 Sm   CD3e Granzyme B Granzyme B TNFa CD137
153 Eu     Tim-3 Tim-3 CD45RO CD45RO
154 Sm     Granzyme K Granzme K CD27 CD95
155 Gd     CD27 CD27 TCRab CD27
156 Gd     Helios Helios CCR5 Helios
157 Gd     Ki-67   Ki67  
158 Gd     PD-1 PD-1 BLYS PD1
159 Tb CD11c   CCR7 CCR7 BCL6 CCR7
160 Gd     T-bet T-bet IL-4 T-bet
161 Dy     CD28 CD28 CD25 CD28
162 Dy     Foxp3 Foxp3 Eomos Foxp3
163 Dy     tetramer1 TCF1 ICOS ICOS
164 Dy CD20   ICOS CD161 IL-5 Foxo1
165 Ho     Eomos
Foxp3 Eomes
166 Er     Perforin Perforin CD95 CD122
167 Er     CD38 CD38 CD45RA CD38
168 Er   CD8a TOX CX3CR1 CCR7 Ki-67
170 Er   NK1.1 CXCR5 CXCR5 T-bet Aiolos
171 Yb CD44 CD44 2B4 2B4 PD-1 2B4
172 Yb CD38 CD4 CD160 Granzyme A IL-21 CD160
173 Yb HLA-DR   HLA-DR Granzyme M IL-2 HLA-DR
174 Yb     CD103 CD103 CD24 CD103
175 Lu     LAG-3 Granzyme H CXCR3 LAG-3
176 Yb   B220 CD36 CD56 CD38 CD56
191 Ir     Iridium Iridium Iridium Iridium
193 Ir     Iridium Iridium Iridium Iridium
195 Pt     Cisplatin Cisplatin Cisplatin Cisplatin
209 Bi CD16   CD16 CD16   CD16