CyTOF Core Service Details

Data Acquisition:

Please complete the CyTOF sample run request form and email it to Takuya Ohtani (, before submitting samples. Takuya will give you an access to the scheduling calendar. Takuya will also give you an instruction how to prepare and submit samples. Data will be acquired by a dedicated operator and will be uploaded to the Flow Core Server and Pennbox.

Distribution of CyTOF Reagents:

CyTOF core distributes reagents in a small size for users' convenience.

For questions regarding the CyTOF service center, please contact Dr. Takuya Ohtani (


For billing, please send the contact information of your Business Administrator to Ms. Kaitlyn B. Piazza (, so that we may contact them directly to discuss how payment will be received (ie-budget account number from PSOM users or a check from VA/CHOP users).