Immunology Colloquium | Spring 2022

Fall 2021

Paul Utz, PhD - Recorded Talk 9.14.21

Anna Molofsky, MD, PhD - Recorded Talk 9.21.21

Clare Lloyd, PhD - Recorded Talk 9.28.21

Pam Schwartzberg, MD, PhD- Recorded Talk 10.05.21

Christopher Barnes, PhD - Recorded Talk 10.12.21

Juan Carlos Zuniga-Pflucker, PhD - Recorded Talk 1/19/21

"If you give a mouse a T cell"

Charles Swanton, PhD – Recorded Talk 1/26/21

“Tracking cancer evolution, metastases and immune escape: 5 years of TRACERx”

Tiffany Scharschmidt, MD - Recorded Talk 2/02/21

Immune tolerance to skin bacteria: early life lessons”

Jane Buckner, MD – Recorded Talk 2/09/21

“Autoreactive T cells in autoimmunity-identifying the cause in order to design a cure”

Mitchell Kronenberg, PhD – Recorded Talk 2/16/21

“HVEM a TNF family receptor that serves as a nexus for control of mucosal immunity and the microbiome”

Jakob Von Maltke, PhD - Recorded Talk 3/09/21

“Tuft cells: sentinels and effectors of intestinal immunity”

Frances Eun-Hyung Lee, MD - Recorded Talk 3/16/21

“On becoming a human long-lived plasma cell”

Bryan Bryson, PhD - Recorded Talk 3/23/21

“Engineering the host-pathogen interface

Tamia Harris-Tryon, MD, PhD - Recorded Talk 4/06/21

"The Sebaceous Gland in Skin Immunity and Host Defense"

Jenny Ting, PhD - Recorded Talk 4/13/21

"New Roles for Innate Immune Receptors in Adaptive Immunity, Microbiota and Immunometabolism"

Jennifer Gommerman, PhD - Recorded Talk 4/20/21

“Fantastic IgA Plasma Cells and where to find them”

Curtis Henry, PhD - Recorded Talk 4/27/21

"Delineating the Impact of Adiposity on Endogenous and Engineered T-Cells"

Jonathan Yewdell, PhD- Recorded Talk 5/18

"Translating DRiPs & Other Mysteries of MHC Class I Antigen Processing and Presentation"