Current Members

  • Yong Fan, PhD

    Yong Fan, PhD

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  • Hongming Li, PhD

    Hongming Li, PhD

    Senior Research Investigator
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    Yuxin Gong

    Data Analyst
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    Sheng Wang, PhD

    Postdoc Fellow
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    Hao Zheng, PhD

    Postdoc Fellow
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    Tingting Chen, PhD

    Postdoc Fellow
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    Peixian Liang, PhD

    Postdoc Fellow
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    Ran Gu, PhD

    Postdoc Fellow
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    Tianming Du, PhD

    Data Scientist
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    Kai Yu, PhD

    Postdoc Fellow



Yuncong Ma, PhD (Postdoc, Now at Minnesota University)

Liang Ma, PhD (Postdoc, Now at George State University)

Yuemeng Li, PhD (PhD student, Now Research Scientist at Meta)

Xiaoyang Chen, PhD (Postdoc, Now at Duke University)

Jiong Wu, PhD (Postdoc, Now at Florida University)

James Wang (Undergraduate)

Xi Liu, PhD (Postdoc)

Axel Largent, PhD (Research Associate)

Tamjid Imtiaz (Rotation Student)

Zhen Zhou, PhD (Postdoc, Now at )

Hongbin Sun, MS (Programmer, Now PhD student)

Chau Tran, MS (Data Analyst, Now PhD student)

Bojian Hou, PhD (Postdoc)

Rongyao Hu, PhD (Postdoc) 

Zhicheng Jiao, PhD (Postdoc, Now at Brown, Assistant Professor)

Deonte Hall, MS (Master student, Now at Penn PhD student)

Yupei Zhang, PhD (Postdoc, Now Associate Professor)

Chongyue Zhao, PhD (Postdoc, Now at University of Pittsburgh, Postdoc)

Zhen Liu, PhD (Postdoc)

Tianming Du, PhD (PhD student, Now Data Scientist)

Shi Yin, PhD (PhD student, Now Associate Professor)

Jin-Young Kim, MS (Master student, Now at Boston Children's Hospital)

Hewei Cheng, PhD (Visiting Scholar, Now Associate Professor)

Weiwei Wang, PhD (Visiting Professor)

Hangfan Liu, PhD (Postdoc, Now at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Assistant Professor)

Jieqiong Wang, PhD (Postdoc)

Xiaofeng Zhu, PhD (Postdoc, Now Professor)

Qiang Zheng, PhD (Postdoc, Now Associate Professor)


Rui Wang, PhD (Postdoc)

Gaojing Weng, PhD (Postdoc)

Hancan Zhu, PhD (Postdoc, Now Associate Professor)

Zhenyu Tang, PhD (Postdoc, Now Associate Professor)

Dai Zhang, PhD (PhD student)

Rixing Jing, PhD (PhD student, Now Associate Professor)

Hanyang Peng, PhD (PhD student, Now Associate Professor)

Hewei Cheng, PhD (PhD student, now Associate Professor)

Linwen Liu, PhD (PhD student, Now Research Scientist)

Yongfu Hao, PhD (PhD student)

Di Jiang, PhD (PhD student)

Yuhui Du, PhD (PhD student, now Professor)

Rui Chen, MS (Master student)   

Jens Bloch Christensen, MS (Master student)

Dandan Song, MS (Master student)