for faculty

Welcome to the “for faculty” section of the Penn MSTP website. This section has information for and about Penn faculty who are associated with the MSTP, either as current thesis advisors or as potential thesis advisors. It is here to:

  • Help new and current Penn faculty learn more about the MSTP, and provide a quick overview of some of the ways that mentoring future physician-scientists is different than mentoring future PhD scientists (see LINK to the video titled “Introduction to Penn's MSTP Mentorship”).
  • Direct faculty with questions about funding to appropriate resources:
    • Mentors of BGS students will find information here:
    • Mentors of students in Bioengineering, Chemistry, Anthropology, History and Sociology of Science, or Health Care Management should reach out to the relevant Graduate Program contacts (eg Graduate Group Chairs and Finance Staff)
  • Answer FAQs for thesis mentors and committee members re the MD-PhD timeline and return to clinics (RTC) – LINK
  • Help current students in their search for a rotation or thesis mentor by providing them with an easy LINK to the “MSTP trainers” directory. Faculty, help us keep your part of the directory up to date
  • Provide a downloadable copy of the Penn MSTP Compact between mentors and mentees (LINK).