Univ. of PennsylvaniaPenn's Neurobiology of Disease Curriculum

FELLOWSHIPS available to train in Translational Research in NBD
Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania's new graduate curriculum in the Neurobiology of Disease (NBD).

Our newly expanded curriculum - made possible by a grant from NIH - includes an overview course in "NBD" along with multiple advanced courses covering specific topics in greater detail.

School of Medicine faculty at Penn have been teaching courses in the neurobiology of disease since 1985. We recently have begun to expand our teaching efforts in neurobiology of disease, thanks to an NIH grant that we received in the fall of 2005. This grant (under RFA-MH-05-011) not only allows up to expand significantly our NBD course offerings, but also allows us to make the lectures and course materials available on the web. The extensive, graduate-level curriculum you'll find here is the direct result of that NIH support. Thank you NIH!

The Principal Investigator of the grant is Marc A. Dichter, MD, PhD (Professor of Neurology and Pharmacology); Co-PIs are: Wade H. Berrettini, MD, PhD (Professor of Psychiatry and Genetics); David R. Lynch, MD, PhD (Associate Professor of Pediatric Neurology); and Michael E. Selzer, MD, PhD (Professor of Neurology).

The full curriculum, when completed, will consist of a one semester-long overview course and ten to twelve 1/2 semester long 'Module' courses covering various topics in neurobiology of disease in detail. The Modules will give graduate students, medical students, residents and post doctoral fellows the opportunity to study key areas in neurobiology of disease in depth in an intimate, seminar-type format. The Modules will be developed over the next 3-4 years and made available online as they are completed. Links will be added to the left navigation as the Modules are developed.

On this website you will be able to find videotapes of the lectures from the each of the courses, as well as course syllabi and other course materials. Click on a link in the left-hand column to access the video and slides from the Modules that have been developed.

A NOTE REGARDING RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS: We have research fellowships available for clinicians to received mentored training in laboratory-based translational research in neurobiology of disease. For information about this NIH-sponsored training program please go HERE.

Upcoming NBD courses:

1st half of spring, 2009: Neurodegenerative Diseases I
1st half of spring, 2009: Mechanisms of Neural Injury and Neuroprotection
2nd half of spring, 2009: Neurodegenerative Diseases II
2nd half of spring, 2009: Mechanisms of Neural Recovery
Spring, 2010: Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders