Pilot Projects

Each year, the Penn Medical Communication Research Institute awards one-year multidisciplinary pilot grants of $50,000 each. Proposals focus on communication of medical information, with priority given to studies with experimental designs. Each proposal requires at least two faculty Co‐Principal Investigators from different disciplines within the University of Pennsylvania. Novel collaborative applications between faculty located in distinct schools in Penn are encouraged. 

Proposals can focus on the flow of scientific information through medical journals; the flow of medical information through the media; and  the flow of medical information to the public.

Five medical communication research projects were implemented in the initial round of pilot funding in early 2022 with the goal to use data from these seed projects as preliminary data for proposals for external funding to support a broader array of studies focused around a central theme in medical communication. Read more about the pilot projects that are underway by clicking "Ongoing Pilot Projects" under the Pilot Projects tab.