2021 Sep 03 Lin Du selected as an EECS Rising Star 
2021 Feb 16 A new, state-of-the-art epilepsy unit is available for our human studies
2020 Aug 04 Our neuroprosthetic tactile sensor work won a Best Paper Award at RFIC
2020 Jun 15 Awarded a NIH grant to study a dynamical systems theory of perception
2020 Apr 29 Ryan Gallagher awarded a Guggenheim summer research fellowship
2020 Jan 24 Lillian Chien awarded a CNST summer research fellowship
2019 Sep 03 Our PNAS paper was highlighted in Digital Trends
2019 May 19 Yohannes Ghenbot was awarded a medical student research prize
2019 May 01 Awarded a NIH grant to develop wireless neuroprosthetic tactile sensors
2019 Apr 30 Yohannes Ghenbot successfully defended his MTR thesis
2018 Aug 10 Ivette Planell-Mendez is moving on to graduate school at Princeton 
2018 Jul 30 Sri Sritharan successfully defended his doctoral thesis
2018 Jun 28 Cameron Brandon is moving on to medical school at Penn State
2018 Apr 17 Our water maze project was nominated for the International BCI Award 
2018 Apr 17 Cole Rinehart awarded a NREF fellowship for summer research in the lab
2017 May 30 Our sensor-brain interface work won a Best Paper Award at ISCAS