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Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge 2018

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Rankings of Segmentation Task

1st place:
Team Name: NVDLMED
Institution(s): NVIDIA, Santa Clara, USA
Accompanying paper: 3D MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Autoencoder Regularization (link)
Team Members:
Andriy Myronenko

2nd place:
Team Name: MIC_DKFZ
Institution(s): German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ); Department of Neuroradiology, University of Heidelberg Medical Center, Heidelberg, Germany
Accompanying paper: No New-Net (link)
Team Members:
Fabian Isensee, Philipp Kickingereder, Wolfgang Wick, Martin Bendszus, Klaus H. Maier-Hein

3rd place (tie):
Team Name: SCAN
Institution(s): Support Centre for Advanced Neuroimaging Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, Switzerland
Accompanying paper: Ensembles of Densely-Connected CNNs with Label-Uncertainty for Brain Tumor Segmentation (link)
Team Members:
Richard McKinley, Raphael Meier, Roland Wiest

3rd place (tie):
Team Name: DL_86_61
Institution(s): School of Electronic & Information Engineering, South China University of Technology, China; UBTECH Sydney AI Centre, SIT, FEIT, University of Sydney, Australia
Accompanying paper: Learning Contextual and Attentive Information for Brain Tumor Segmentation (link)
Team Members:
Chenhong Zhou, Shengcong Chen, Changxing Ding, Dacheng Tao


Rankings of Survival Task

1st place:
Team Name: xfeng
Institution(s): Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia, USA
Accompanying paper: Brain Tumor Segmentation Using an Ensemble of 3D U-Nets and Overall Survival Prediction Using Radiomic Features (link)
Team Members:
Xue Feng, Nicholas Tustison, Craig Meyer

2nd place (tie):
Team Name: LRDE
Institution(s): EPITA Research and Development Laboratory (LRDE), France
Accompanying paper: Segmentation of Gliomas and Prediction of Patient Overall Survival: A Simple and Fast Procedure (link)
Team Members
Elodie Puybareau, Joseph Chazalon, Guillaume Tochon

2nd place (tie):
Team Name: SUSTech
Institution(s): Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China; Peking University, Beijing, China
Accompanying paper: Tumor Segmentation and Survival Prediction in Glioma with Deep Learning (link)
Team Members
Li Sun, Songtao Zhang, Lin Luo

3rd place (tie):
Team Name: TRAP
Institution(s): Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded, India; Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India
Accompanying paper: Deep Learning Radiomics Algorithm for Gliomas (DRAG) Model: A Novel Approach Using 3D UNET Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Predicting Survival in Gliomas (link)
Team Members
Ujjwal Baid, Abhishek Mahajan, Sanjay Talbar, Swapnil Rane, SiddheshThakur, Aliasgar Moiyadi, Meenakshi Thakur, and Sudeep Gupta

3rd place (tie):
Team Name: LfB_RWTH
Institution(s): Institute of Imaging & Computer Vision, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
Accompanying paper: Segmentation of Brain Tumors and Patient Survival Prediction: Methods for the BraTS 2018 Challenge (link)
Team Members:
Leon Weninger, Oliver Rippel, Simon Koppers, Dorit Merhof

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