We are always looking for creative, clever, enthusiastic, and productive people who would like to work in an exciting, highly collaborative research environment.


We accept undergraduate students to work with us for periods of one year or longer. To apply for a position in the lab, please send a cover letter describing your research interests, your career goals, and when you would like to start in the lab, along with a copy of your transcript to jshorter@mail.med.upenn.edu

See also our entry in the CURF Research Directory.


We welcome graduate students from various graduate groups at Penn and we are always interested in potential rotation students. Information on applying to each graduate program can be found on the web:

Biomedical Graduate Studies (Penn Med School)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Graduate Group
Neuroscience Graduate Group
Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group
Pharmacology Graduate Group


We offer technician positions for highly motivated, recent graduates in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Chemistry or related area looking to do 1-2 years of research and gain experience prior to going to medical school or graduate school.

Responsibilities include: (1) Drive a research project concerning the mechanisms of prionogenesis, protein aggregation, protein disaggregation or small molecule inhibitors of amyloidogenesis; (2) To help in the general running of the lab, including: ordering, receiving items, and maintaining lab organization. Must have excellent communication skills and be highly motivated; (3) Presenting your scientific findings at Shorter lab group meeting.

Our research specialists have been highly successful, have authored papers and have gone on to medical school or graduate school at: The University of Pennsylvania, The California Institute of Technology (CalTech), Weill Cornell Medical College, The Rockefeller University, The Sloan-Kettering Institute, The University of Chicago, The University of Southern California, Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson Medical College), The University of Illinois, Tufts University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, The University of Washington, and Icahn Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

To apply for a research specialist position, please send a cover letter and resume to jshorter@mail.med.upenn.edu


To apply for a postdoctoral position in the lab, please send a cover letter, your CV, and the names of three referees to:

James Shorter
805B Stellar-Chance Laboratories,
422 Curie Boulevard,
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6059. U.S.A.

Email: jshorter@mail.med.upenn.edu






Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics
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