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Standardized Patient Program

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The SP Team at Penn Med designs programs to maximize effectiveness depending upon the skills being taught, the learning environment and the needs of the pre-existing curriculum.  We provide a variety of formats including 1-on-1, small group and large group.  We have the ability to video tape encounters for later review by trainees and faculty.  Faculty might have a high level of involvement or limited participation. Every program offered through the SP Program at Penn Med is customized to integrate into the existing curriculum effectively and efficiently. 

The cost savings associated with using SPs instead of physicians has been well-documented.  Independent studies have validated that SPs provide a high level of skill acquisition and retention equivalent to that achieved with the use of physician faculty for basic skills.  Many SP programs teach or assess around skills that are related to but separate from interpersonal skills.  One example would be a ‘yes/no’ item about whether the trainee ‘fired a warning shot’ when giving bad news.  This item would be rated separately from the rating given for empathy.  It is important to note that knowledge, competence and performance are taught and assessed separately from communication and interpersonal skills.

Agnew Clinic by Thoman Eakins
"The Agnew Clinic" by Thomas Eakins