SP Management System (SPMS)

SPMS SF Management System

A homegrown, interactive database, SP Management System (SPMS) facilitates hiring, scheduling, managing expenses and other related administrative tasks. The web-based system centralizes data for administrators and SPs, eliminating double-booking errors and ensuring accurate payroll. Reports on SP utilization, program cost and other critical data expedite charge-backs and promote program growth. Penn Med SPs: Click here.

SPMS has had transformative effects on operations at Penn, drastically increasing time to tend to new programs and other value-added activities. Email us to learn how to enhance your own program with SPMS.

“SPMS is absolutely fabulous! My SPs marvel at how they can log into one location and see their schedule.  The days of searching emails for confirmations are over.
... No more excel spread sheets cluttering my desk.  It is very user friendly and provides all the information I need with a few key strokes.” — 

Kimberly J. Snell
Supervisor, Standardized Patient Education
Wayne State University School of Medicine

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Save Time with SPMS:

Impacts of the Standardized Patient Management System on workflow of the Penn SP Program, see the link below this image for text alternative

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