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Martin S. Greenberg, DDS

Chair, Department of Oral Medicine

Phone: 215-898-6627

Dr. Greenberg is Professor and Chair of the Department of Oral Medicine. While serving in this position, he initiated a freshman course in patient evaluation, and a postdoctoral residency program in Oral Medicine. He also directs the senior hospital externship program. His major clinical and research interests include the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa and the management facial pain and temporomandibular joint disorders. His research studies have also contributed to the understanding of the clinical manifestations of herpes virus infections and the relationship between oral bacteria and serious life threatening infections in patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy. Dr. Greenberg is coeditor and coauthor of Burket's textbook of Oral Medicine a standard text in the field and he is a contributing editor of the Journal of Oral Surgery, Medicine and Pathology. He has been recently appointed as an examiner of the American Board of Oral Med


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