Synovial Biopsy, Synovium, Synovial Fluid & Arthrocentesis

Send Us Specimens


Dr. Schumacher can examine and interpret slides of synovial tissues. Please call or email to detail the question being asked and to describe the specimen available. We may be able to work with slides but also may be interested to know if paraffin blocks, frozen tissue or glutaraldehyde fixed material is available.

Special techniques may facilitate answering specific questions. Ideally discuss the question being asked before obtaining the specimen so proper collection and processing can be planned.


Synovial Fluid

We are glad to examine synovial fluids. It is important to contact us first to be certain the specimen is treated in a way to optimize our chance to be helpful.

If crystals are to be sought or interpreted it is generally best to submit 1-2 cc SF in a green top tube and to ship this well padded without freezing. Most crystals are quite stable although artifactual crystals can develop if shipping and examination is delayed.

Promptly prepared smears and air fixed slides with or without stains can be used to examine cells for differentials. Most crystals are also preserved in such preparations. Wright, Gremsa or Gram stains can be used. These can allow specific diagnoses but are less sensitive than giving us whole fluid to examine.

Synovial fluid leukocyte counts are best done locally as counts can fall with delays.

Routine exams as above can be done for $35.

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