• All staff and faculty must use this system for reimbursement requests.
  • JUSTIFICATION and Faculty/PI approval are REQUIRED for ALL and should be uploaded with each request.  (Travel Justification form provided by the Business office)
  • Coach is the approved travel for the University and should be using the University World Travel Office.  
  • If Receipts cannot be provided, and Affidavit in the system is required for requests over $25.00 (policy# 2365 and 2352)
  • Hotel accomodations will only be reimbursement for reasonably priced mid-market hotel/motel. Exceptions are made for accomodations at hotels where the conference/workshop is held.
  • Account number needs to be provided in the system before it is submitted.
  • All requests MUST be submitted within 182 days of the travel date in order to be reimbursed Policy#2368
  • Travel requests:
    • Documentation includes:
      • Program/Agenda/Itinerary if applicable needs to be included for travel to conferences
      • Meals: Policy# 2359 Financial Policy #2359
        • Itemized receipts need to be uploaded.
        • Alcohol needs to be separated in the itemization (this cannot be charged to a GRANT and may not be reimburseable)
        • If per diem is requested, you need to complete an itinerary in the concur system and this will be automatically calculated.
        • If meals are provided by the conference you CANNOT request reimbursement for meals you purchased on your own.
        • If meals include more than 1 attendee, you need to create the Attendee list in Concur.
        • MAX allowable reimbursement for dinner per person is $125.00
        • MAX allowable reimbursement for breakfast/lunch is $60.00
          • Any business meal expense submitted for reimbursement above these newly established amounts will require supplemental (higher-level) approval.  Additionally, any business meal expense submitted for reimbursement (regardless of meal type) exceeding $150 per person will require approval from the head of the School or Center (or a designated representative).

  • Travel Justification Form needs to be completed, signed by PI and uploaded.
  • In the Details Allocation section you need to input the account number before submitting
  • NON-Travel Requests:
    • Documentation includes:
      • Travel Justification form is required for all requests
      • Meals:
        •  You need to select Entertainment (DO NOT SELECT TRAVEL) in the Expense Type field when setting up the concur record.
        • Itemized receipt and proof ot payment is required with individuals name (credit card statement may be required) Alcohol needs to be separated in concur.
        • Must select and add to the Attendee list all individuals who attended the meal.
        • Alcohol cannot be reimbursed from grants.
        • Account number needs to be provided in the allocation section of concur.
        • MAX allowable reimbursement for dinner per person is $125.00
        • MAX allowable reimbursement for breakfast/lunch is $60.00

OTHER and additional forms

Travel Arrangements:

  • Utilize the University Travel agency at (888) 641-9112 or Email
    • For the Online Registration Code: Universityof Pennsylvania
    • Please make sure to complete the entire process for profile creation- 2 steps
      • Step 1: First page asks for login- your company email address & preliminary info.
      • Step 2: Once you have completed step 1, you will receive an email with a temporary password.  Step 2 must be completed within 24 hours of receiving the email.  Log back into Concur and hover your mouse on the Profile tab and click on Personal Information to complete your travel profile. Make sure all "Required Fields" are answered, this will activate your travel profile for use online or to be seen by an agent. Click on the SAVE icon to make sure your profile updates correctly.  **Please make sure that your name in the profile matches your government ID that you will use while traveling.
  • Must use a US carrier in order to be in compliance with the Fly America Act
  • All requests MUST be submitted within 182 days of the travel date in order to be reimbursed Policy#2368


  • Non-Concur Travel Request:
  • Honorariums
    • $500 for future invited in-person speakers (plus expenses, of course), and no honoraria for virtual speakers. The only exceptions are named lectureships and speakers invited for professional/faculty/staff development purposes, these amounts may be higher depending. Contact Business office for anything above $500 (Linda Nace)
  • Individual payments or reimbursements for external individuals (ex. Postdoc interview visits or recruitment or speakers)
    • Justification form or letter indicating purpose of visit dates and request to reimburse the individual signed by the faculty member paying (including account number to charge-cannot be a federal grant)
    • The individual will need to be added as a vendor so the business office will need to have all the contact information for the individual so that she can work with them and central University Purchasing to get them in to the system.  This takes time so prepare.

**All requests must be signed by the PI which is the Travel & Entertainment Justification Form

  • Submitted paperwork in detail must include:
    • Justification for travel or purchase form w/ PI approval
    • Program Itinerary must be included as well as badge from conference
    • All detailed, original receipts (meals, transportation, parking, taxis, airline ticket stubs, lodging, etc.) and proof of payment (i.e.: credit card statement showing proof of payment)
      • Please tape all 4 sides of receipts to a plain, white sheet of paper (only on 1 side; use more than 1 sheet if necessary)
      • If you are requesting per diem than you need to provide a copy of the site you obtained the per diem. (Please make note of the time of travel; 75% of rate on travel days-first and last day of trip; 100% of rate every other day)
        • If event provides meals, then no per diem can be requested.
      • Proof of event attendance is required (program, conference flyer, conference badge,letter (if honorarium or award,  etc.)
      • Credit Card statement showing the purchase (please block our other purchases that don’t pertain to your reimbursement)
    • Foreign Travel:  CONCUR will provide the foreign conversion rates.  For info with conversions:
  • Use PennKey Login
  • Non-PO Payment Request (right side of page)
  • Submit via BEN Non-PO Request System

NOTE: object code 5214 is UNALLOWABLE on federal awards. Object codes for travel reimbursement are 5200-5212; if you are unsure please contact our office.

Payments/ Reimbursements Other than Travel

  • Submission must include:
    • Company or individual's name
    • Address
    • Vendor number
      • If the vendor is new and needs to be added to BEN, type “NEW” in the vendor # field.
      • If the merchant is not a vendor in the University system, their W-9 is required with this form. Enter their EIN # in the field at the top right of the form.
      • Federal tax ID or Social Security Number (ONLY need Penn ID for  faculty, staff or students)
    • Invoice Date and Number (taken directly from the invoice)
      • If there is no invoice, then you will need to create one. 
      • Use the invoice date as the invoice #. Example, date is MM/DD/YYperson’s last name; or MMDDYYvendorname. HOWEVER, an invoice coming from the vendor should have this information. If you have questions, contact Business office, etc.
      • Use the date plus the initials of the person/vendor you are paying. Example: You are paying a subject for a study they participated in. Person’s name is Jason Rogers and the date was 4/10/10. Invoice # could be 041010JR or 041010JSNRGR, etc.
      • Under no circumstances should you create an invoice # that contains full words.
      • The University will not make payment on a duplicate invoice #.  If needed add an “A” at the end of the #.
  • Full 26-digit Account number (obtain from PI/lab manager or grants manager) Please refer to the updated obj code list If you are unsure about the obj code, contact the business office before submitting.
  • Description of payment field
  • Invoices or receipts
  • Proof of payment
    • Credit Card statement showing the purchase (please block our other purchases that don’t pertain to your reimbursement)
  • Submit electronically in system.
  • In order to check to see if payment has been made:

You will need to have access to BEN Financials, Invoice Inquiry. 

    • Login to BEN Financials
    • Select PO Manager> Inquiry> Invoice
    • Enter the Supplier # or Invoice #
    • Check the results to see if your submission has posted.  This will provide you with the GL Date, which is the date the invoice was processed, and the Payment Terms, which will tell you if it is being paid “Immediately”, “Net 30”, etc.
    • Additional forms:
  • Reimbursements to students/trainees are required to also have a Statement of Business Connection” form for students only.
  • Honorarium payments for Foreign visitors are required to have “Honoraria Eligibility Certification Form” and are not allowable on federal awards
  • Contractors are required to also provide “C-12 Independent Contractor Determination & Certification form”
  • Missing Receipt Affidavit
  • C5 Exception reimbursement request form

All of these forms are located at the below link: