Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics involves the discovery of new drugs, the investigation of how drugs work and the use of drugs to probe mechanisms of disease. But pharmacology also involves the elucidation and manipulation of macromolecular structures, the analysis of regulatory mechanisms in cell biology and development, and the translation of this information into clinical research. Emerging concepts in drug development also involve in vivo targeting or ex vivo engineering of Immune Cells to "retrain" the human immune system to achieve control of disease and more optimal health. Thus, the science of pharmacology spans the most fundamental aspects of basic research, through transgenic animal models, to clinical investigation.

Pharmacology at Penn addresses all of these issues in an exciting, collegial and interactive environment. To learn more visit our welcome page.

Open Faculty Positions

  • Faculty Positions in Neuro-Immune/Neuro-Pharmacological Interactions - Assistant Professor
  • Faculty Positions in Neuro-Immune/Neuro-Pharmacological Interactions - Associate Professor
  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Research Associate

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