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Stemmler Facility

Location: 458 Stemmler Hall

One of original model of multi photon microscopy system from Prairie Technologies. Microscope is based on Olympus BX-51 upright microscope equipped with 20x, 60x water immersion lens for in vitro, in vivo experiments. (* The system belongs to Department of Neuroscience.)

Prairie Ultima with Prairie View Software. System is based on Olympus BX-61 upright microscope equipped with 40x water immersion lens for in vitro and in vivo experiments. Second set of galvo mirrors provides unique opportinity to perfrom simultaneous imaging and photolysis using two femtosecond lasers. (** The system belongs to CHOP)

Olympus FluoView1000: The system equips Multi-line Argon Laser (457nm, 488nm, 515nm), HeNe Laser (543nm), HeNe Laser (633nm), and diode violet lasers (405nm) with the specra detection capability.(** The system belongs to CHOP)


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