COVID Watch - Nursing

COVID Watch is a Penn Medicine outreach program that automatically checks in with patients at risk for complications of COVID-19 who are self-isolating at home. The program sends a patient two text messages a day asking about their symptoms. If the patient replies with a concerning response, a COVID Watch RN reaches out to the patient. RNs staffing the watch do so remotely and need to have access to PennChart and a phone. Watch nurses staff the program from 7a-7p in 12 hour shifts. COVID hotline RNs staff the watch overnight. Any nurse deployed to COVID watch will receive an introductory email including information about orientation materials, schedule, and protocols. Once the deployed staff member is able to review all the information, the lead for COVID Watch hosts a virtual meeting with the staff member(s) to review and allow time for questions and additional training.

Overview of COVID Watch

Searchable COVID FAQ Site utilized by COVID Watch Nurses