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Adults with Aspergers Syndrome and other social learning disorders have unique social deficits that interfere with their ability to communicate effectively, find employment, and develop meaningful interpersonal relationships. Many cannot effectively "read" nonverbal social cues such as facial expressions and body language. Their ability to intuit others' emotional states is limited, and therefore they have trouble predicting the behavior of others. These problems in communication often lead to misperceptions of other people’s feelings and motivations.

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Social Skills Seminar for Young Adults

The Social Learning Disorders Program of the University of Pennsylvania Psychiatry Department offers an innovative 8 week social skills seminar designed for young adults to improve social skills. The program was developed under the direction of Mary Riggs Cohen, Ph.D., and has been running for more than five years.  It is currently under the direction of Carol Moog, PhD.

  • The seminar focuses on noticing and understanding nonverbal communication which helps promote conversational, job interviewing, and relationship skills.
  • The curriculum explores evolutionary, anthropological and human developmental roots of social behavior and emphasizes observation and practice of social skills.
  • In addition to role playing and other activities designed to enliven in-class learning, each participant spends the last hour working individually with a social coach outside the classroom. The social coaching component of the program is invaluable in that it takes students into real-world situations to try out new behavior.
  • Past participants have reported feeling successful in improving social skills. Preliminary studies found that after completion of the seminar, students experienced more motivation to socialize as well as significantly reduced social anxiety.


This 8 week class is designed for young adults with Asperger Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism or Social Phobia who would like to improve their social awareness and sense of social competency.

Seminar Dates & Times

The seminar will not be offered in Spring 2014. Please check back for future dates.


Penn's Adult Social Learning Disorders Program
3535 Market Street, 16th Floor - Room E
Philadelphia, PA 19104


The cost of the seminar is $800. It is a tuition payment and is not insurance reimbursable.

Seminar Instructor

Carol Moog, PhD

To Enroll or for More Information


To reach Dr. Moog directly:
Carol Moog, PhD
Clinical Director Social Learning Disorders Program
Senior Instructor: Social Skills Seminar
Direct contact: 610-667-1540

Click here for a printable version of the Fall 2013 seminar information.


For more information about our program, please call our intake coordinator at (215) 573-1159.