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Edgar Ben-Josef

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Edgar Ben-Josef, M.D.

Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Radiation Oncology

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Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Pennsylvania
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
2 West
3400 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-3932
The Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel, 1980.
The Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine, 1983.
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Selected Publications

Berman AT; Barsky AR; Mick R; Metz JM; Ben-Josef E; Teitelbaum U; Williams N; Kucharczuk JC; Margolis DJ; Plastaras JP: Perioperative Complications after Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation for Locally-Advanced Esophageal Cancer (LAEC): A Comparison of Platinum/5-FU (PF)and Carboplatin/Paclitaxel (PT). ASTRO annual meeting 2014 2014.

Anusha Kalbasi and Edgar Ben-Josef: External Beam Radiation Therapy: 3D-Conformal, Intensity-Modulated, and Proton Beam. Biliary Tract and Gallbladder Cancer; A Multidisciplinary Approach. Joseph M. Herman, Timothy M. Pawlik, Charles R. Thomas, Jr. (eds.). Springer, Page: 293, 2014.

Hong TS, Bosch WR, Krishnan S, Kim TK, Mamon HJ, Shyn P, Ben-Josef E, Seong J, Haddock MG, Cheng JC, Feng MU, Stephans KL, Roberge D, Crane C, Dawson LA : Interobserver variability in target definition for hepatocellular carcinoma with and without portal vein thrombus: radiation therapy oncology group consensus guidelines. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 89(4): 804-13, 2014.

Lauren Michelle Hertan, John Peter Plastaras, Edgar Ben-Josef, et al.: Use of early radiation therapy in the palliative local treatment of stage IV esophageal cancer. ASCO Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium 2014.

Stenmark MH, Cao Y, Wang H, Jackson A, Ben-Josef E, Ten Haken RK, Lawrence TS, Feng M: Estimating functional liver reserve following hepatic irradiation: Adaptive normal tissue response models. Radiother Oncol Page: S0167-8140(14)00170-4, 2014.

Daniel R. Wahl, MD, PhD; Matthew H. Stenmark, MD; Erqi Liu, MD; Yebin Tao, MS; Oliver E. Lee, MS; Matthew J. Schipper, PhD; Elaine M. Caoili, MD, MS; Edgar Ben-Josef, MD; Theodore S. Lawrence, MD, PhD; Mary Feng, MD: SBRT provides equivalent local control compared to RFA for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with minimal toxicity. ASTRO annual meeting 2014 2014.

Thompson RF, Mayekar SU, Zhai H, Both S, Apisarnthanarax S, Metz JM, Plastaras JP, Ben-Josef E : A dosimetric comparison of proton and photon therapy in unresectable cancers of the head of pancreas. Med Phys. 41 (8): 081711, 2014.

Serrano PE, Herman JM, Griffith KA, Zalupski MM, Kim EJ, Bekaii-Saab TS, Ben-Josef E, Dawson LA, Ringash J, Wei AC: Quality of Life in a Prospective, Multicenter Phase 2 Trial of Neoadjuvant Full-Dose Gemcitabine, Oxaliplatin, and Radiation in Patients With Resectable or Borderline Resectable Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. Page: S0360-3016(14)00704-4 [Epub ahead of print] 2014.

R. F. Thompson, S. Mayekar, H. A. Zhai, S. Both, S. Apisarnthanarax, J. M. Metz, E. Ben-Josef, J. P. Plastaras: Quadratic Extrapolated Dosimetric Analysis of Proton Therapy and IMRT in Unresectable Cancer of the Head of Pancreas: Implications for Dose Escalation. Proceedings of the American society for Radiation Oncology; ASTRO 55th Annual Meeting 87(2S): Abstract 2282; p310, October 2013.

M. H. Stenmark, Y. Cao, H. Wang, A. Jackson, E. Ben-Josef, R. K. Ten Haken, T. S. Lawrence, M. Feng: Indocyanine Green for Individualized Assessment of Functional Liver Reserve in Patients Undergoing Liver Radiotherapy Proceedings of the American Society for Radiation Oncology; ASTRO 55th Annual Meeting 87(2S): Abstract 62, p26, October 2013.

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