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Angela M DeMichele, MD MSCE

Angela M DeMichele, MD MSCE

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Alan and Jill Miller Associate Professor in Breast Cancer Excellence
Department: Medicine
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
3 West Pavilion
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-349-5730
Fax: 215-615-3349
B.A. (Biochemistry)
Brown University, 1988.
M.D. (Medicine)
Washington University School of Medicine, 1991.
M.S.C.E. (Clinical Epidemiology)
University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, 2001.
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Description of Research Expertise

breast cancer, biomarkers, clinical trials, pharmacogenetics, cytokines, host immunogenetics, cancer survivorship, molecular epidemiology

Description of Clinical Expertise

breast cancer, neoadjuvant therapy, menopausal symptoms related to cancer, cancer survivorship

Selected Publications

Alvarez JV, Pan TC, Ruth J, Feng Y, Zhou A, Pant D, Grimley JS, Wandless TJ, Demichele A; I-SPY 1 TRIAL Investigators, Chodosh LA.: Par-4 Downregulation Promotes Breast Cancer Recurrence by Preventing Multinucleation following Targeted Therapy. Cancer Cell Page: Epub ahead of print, June 2013.

Demichele A, Berry DA, Zujewski J, Hunsberger S, Rubinstein L, Tomaszewski JE, Kelloff G, Perlmutter J, Buxton M, Lyandres J, Albain KS, Benz C, Jo Chien A, Haluska P, Leyland-Jones B, Liu MC, Munster P, Olopade O, Park JW, Parker BA, Pusztai L, Tripathy D, Rugo H, Yee D, Esserman L.: Developing Safety Criteria for Introducing New Agents into Neoadjuvant Trials. Clinical Cancer Research 19(11): 2817-2823, June 2013.

Yang X, Zhong X, Tanyi JL, Shen J, Xu C, Gao P, Zheng TM, DeMichele A, Zhang L.: mir-30d regulated multiple genes in the autophagy pathway and impairs autophagy process in human cancer. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 431(3): 617-22, February 2013.

Busch DR, Choe R, Rosen MA, Guo W, Durduran T, Feldman MD, Mies C, Czerniecki BJ, Tchou J, Demichele A, Schnall MD, Yodh AG.: Optical malignancy parameters for monitoring progression of breast cancer neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Biomed Opt Express 4(1): 105-21, January 2013.

Desai K, Mao JJ, Su I, DeMichele A, Li Q, Xie SX, Gehrman PR: Prevalence and risk factors for insomnia among breast cancer patients on aromatase inhibitors. Support Care Cancer January 2013.

Wulfkuhle JD, Berg D, Wolff C, Langer R, Tran K, Illi J, Espina V, Pierobon M, Deng J, DeMichele A, Walch A, Bronger H, Becker I, Waldhor C, Hofler H, Esserman L, on behalf of the I-SPY 1 Trial Investigators, Liotta LA, Becker KF, Petricion EF 3rd: Molecular Analysis of HER2 Signaling in Human Breast Cancer by Functional Protein Pathway Activation Mapping. Clinical Cancer Research 18(23): 6426-35, December 2012.

Pryma DA, DeMichele A, Mankoff DA: Evaluting the Impact of New Imaging Tests: Promises and Pitfalls. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 104(24): 1857-8, December 2012.

Su HI, Flatt SW, Natarajan L, DeMichele A, Steiner AZ: Impact of breast cancer on anti-mullerian hormone levels in young women. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment [Epub ahead of print], December 2012.

Yee D, Haddad T, Albain K, Barker A, Benz C, Boughey J, Buxton M, Jo Chien A, DeMichele A, Dilts D, Elias A, Haluska P, Hogarth M, Hu A, Hytlon N, Kaplan HG, Kelloff GG, Khan Q, Lang J, Leyland-Jones B, Liu M, Nanda R, Northfelt D, Olopade OI, Park J, Parker B, Parkinson D, Pearson-White S, Perlmutter J, Pusztai L, Symmans F, Rugo H, Tripathy D, Wallace A, Wholley D, Van't Veer L, Berry DA, Esserman L: Adaptive Trials in the Neoadjuvant Setting: A Model to Safely Tailor Care While Accelerating Drug Development. Journal of Clinical Oncology 30(36): 4584-6, December 2012.

Speck RM, DeMichele A, Farrar JT, Hennessy S, Mao JJ, Stineman MG, Barg FK: Scope of symptoms and self-management strategies for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy in breast cancer patients. Supportive Care in Cancer 20(10): 2433-9, October 2012.

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