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Debbie Cohen-Stein, MBBCH

Debbie Cohen-Stein, MBBCH

faculty photo
Associate Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
One Founders Pavilion
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2156627544
University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1990.
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Description of Research Expertise

complex hypertension, adrenal hypertension, pheochromocytoma, chronic kidney disease

Description of Clinical Expertise

complex hypertension, pheochromocytoma,adrenal hypertension and renovascular hypertension

Selected Publications

Cohen DL, Soulen MC.: A patient with acute kidney pain and high blood pressure. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 7(10): 696-702, April 2015

Huan Y, Cohen DL, Townsend RR.: Central Aortic Pressure, Arterial Compliance: Emerging Tools to Identify and Guide Therapy for High Risk African American Patients. Hypertension in High Risk African Americans. Ferdinand, KC. (eds.). Springer, Chapter 10: 151-161, January 2015

Denker MG, Cohen DL. : Antihypertensive Medications in End-Stage Renal Disease Semin Dial 28(4): 330-336, July 2015

Cohen DL, Townsend RR. : Should All Patients Have Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Performed to Validate the Diagnosis of Hypertension? J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich) 17(5): 412-413, May 2015.

Huan Y, Cohen DL, Townsend RR: Pathophysiology of Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Disease Chronic Renal Disease. Kimmel PL, Rosenberg ME. (eds.). Elsevier, 1(14): 163-169, October 2014.

Wachtel H, Cerullo I, Bartlett EK, Kelz RR, Cohen DL, Karakousis GC, Roses RE, Fraker DL. : Long-term Blood Pressure Control in Patients Undergoing Adrenalectomy for Primary Hyperaldosteronism Surgery 156(6): 1394-1403, December 2014

Cohen DL, Huan H, Townsend RR.: Home BP Monitoring in CKD. Am J Kidney Dis 63(5): 835-842, May 2014

Cohen DL, Huan Y, Townsend RR: Central BP monitoring, home BP monitoring and ambulatory BP monitoring in CKD. CKD and Hypertension. Weir M (eds.). Springer, Chapter 2: 11-23, 2015.

Townsend RR, Cohen DL, Chang TI, Cushman W, DelPinto R, Evans GC, Glasser SP, Haley W, Olney C, Oparil S, Pisone R, Umanath K, Wright J. : Orthostatic systolic blood pressure changes in SPRINT participants at baseline J Am Soc Hypertens 9(4): e57, April 2015.

McArdle MJ, deGoma EM, Cohen DL, Townsend RR, Wilensky RL, Giri J. : Beyond blood pressure: percutaneous renal denervation for the management of sympathetic hyperactivity and associated disease States. J Am Heart Assoc 4(3): 1-9, March 2015.

Wachtel H1, Cerullo I, Bartlett EK, Roses RE, Cohen DL, Kelz RR, Karakousis GC, Fraker DL. : Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Incidentally Identified Pheochromocytoma. Ann Surg Oncol 22(1): 132-138, January 2015.

Fishbein L, Khare S, Wubbenhorst B, DeSloover D, D'Andrea K, Merrill S, Cho NW, Greenberg RA, Else T, Montone K, LiVolsi V, Fraker D, Daber R, Cohen DL, Nathanson KL.: Whole-exome sequencing identifies somatic ATRX mutations in pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas. Nat Commun 6(6140), January 2015.

Goldman JM, Cohen DL, Sim JJ. : The Heterogeneity and Diversity of Hypertension in CKD. Adv Chronic Kidney Dis. 22(2): 86-87, March 2015.

Cohen JB, Cohen DL. : Cardiovascular and renal effects of weight reduction in obesity and the metabolic syndrome. Curr Hypertens Rep 17(5): 33-39, May 2015.

Garcha AS, Cohen DL. : Catecholamine Excess: Pseudopheochromocytoma and Beyond Advances Chr Kidney Dis 22(3): 218-223, May 2015.

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