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Brenda Barber Hoffman, MD

Brenda Barber Hoffman, MD

faculty photo
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
240 Medical Office Building
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
39th & Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-8730
Fax: 215-243-4686
B.A. (Biology)
Franklin and Marshall College, 1985.
University of Pennsylvania, 1989.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Chronic kidney disease, Acute kidney injury, In center hemodialysis, Peritoneal dialysis, Acute dialysis, Kidney stones, Diabetic kidney disease

Selected Publications

Barbieri J, Seshasai R, Shemash A, Sedrak M, Hoffman B, Alley E: Thymic neuroendocrine tumor presenting with the ectopic ACTH syndrome. Journal of Thoracic Oncology 8(6): e57-8, June 2013.

Tan A, Hoffman B, Rosas SE: Patient perception of risk factors associated with chronic kidney disease morbidity and mortality. Ethnicity and Disease 20: 106-108, 2010.

Hoffman BB: Peritoneal Dialysis: In Renal Replacement Therapy. Current Diagnosis and Treatment in Nephrology and Hypertension. McGraw-Hill, Chapter VIII(51), Jan 2009.

Hoffman BB: Surgery in the Patient with Kidney Disease. Medical Management of the Surgical Patient 3rd edition. Elsevier, Chapter 18: 605-632, Feb 2008.

Chen S, Hoffman BB, Jim B, Lee JS, Kopp JB, Ziyadeh FN: Tubular cells from TGF-beta 1 knockout mice show decreased fibronectin and blunted hypertrophy in high glucose. Kidney Intl 65: 1191-1204, 2004.

Chen S, Lee JS, Hoffman BB, Ziyadeh FN: Cultured tubule cells from TGF-beta 1 knockout mice exhibit impaired hypertrophy and fibronectin expression in high glucose JASN 14: 128A, 2003.

Isono M, Mogyorosi A, Han DC, Hoffman BB, Ziyadeh FN: Stimulation of TGF-B type II receptor gene expression in mouse mesangial cells by high glucose and in diabetic kidney. Amer Journal of Physiology 278: F830-F838, 2000.

Dell M, Hoffman BB, Leonard MB, Ziyadeh FN, Schulman SL: Increased urinary transforming growth factor beta-1 (TGF-B1) excretion in children with posterior urethral valves. Urology 56(2): 311-4, 2000.

Ziyadeh FN, Hoffman BB, Han DC, Iglesias-De La Cruz MC, Hong SW, Isono M, Chen S, McGowan TA, Sharma K: Long term prevention of renal insufficiency, excess matrix gene expression, and glomerular mesangial matrix expansion by treatment with monoclonal anti transforming growth factor-beta antibody in db/db diabetic mice. PNAS 97(14): 8015-20, 2000.

Han DC, Hoffman BB, Guo J, Ziyadeh FN: Therapy with antisense TGF-B1 oligodeoxynucleotides reduces kidney weight and matrix mRNA's in diabetic mice. Amer Journal of Physiology 278: F628-F634, 2000.

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